Crash on iOS after splash with GoogleVR plugin enabled

From what I was able to gather, there is no actual bug here to be fixed, as previously mentioned. We got in contact with the documentation team about getting the documentation updated to include the necessary information and it has been added to their roadmap. I’ve emailed Nick as I previously mentioned and I’m currently waiting on a response about the specifics of what needs to be done to set this up properly to avoid a crash.

Thanks Matthew.

Nick responded and mentioned that there may be a different crash that you’re experiencing that was recently discovered, which Google themselves are looking into. Can you provide a recent callstack so we can determine if it’s the same plist issue or this newer crash?

The app crash that we are suffering is so predictive that if you follow the few steps from the first post on this subject am 100% sure you can reproduce the crash and get any crashlog, or you can use the crashlog provided at the top of this very post.
Not to mention that this crash occurs on 4.16, 4.17, 4.18 and 4.19 which uses different versions of the plugin, so i doubt that is a new one.

If you would like further assistance with this issue, I will need your crash log to determine what the issue is.

Edit: Or, if you would like to not provide one, please confirm that the one you’re receiving is the exact same as the one in the original post. As for the other crash I mentioned, it’s not exactly new, it has just recently been discovered and may have been around for a while,

Yes, is the same.

The crash occurs only when we pack for shipping, so no debug symbols will ever be included.

Unfortunately, the debug symbols are not actually included in the crash log provided above, so to be able to move forward with debugging the crash, we will need you to provide your crash log with the debug symbols included.

It can be manually enabled to allow the editor to include debug symbols for shipping builds. I’m currently working on a repro with those included so we can look into what is causing the problem. I’ll let you know when I have more information.

Again, appreciated.

I reproduced the issue, but getting it to happen with symbols enabled may not be possible. It seems that when symbols are included in a Shipping build (which can be changed by editing IOSToolChain.cs and commenting out the entries about stripping the symbols out of shipping builds) the crash doesn’t occur and launches successfully as it does in Development. We are continuing to look into this however.

The only information I currently have is that the developer who was looking into this has escalated the issue up to Google themselves for further investigation. We’re hoping to hear something next week. I’ll keep you posted if I get any additional information.

Hello any new update Matthew J?
i’m facing the same problem

Matthew J

Still no progress i assume? is there any change on google vr on 4.20?

not working on 4.20 …

There have not been any updates as of yet. I’ve sent an email to the person who was contacting Google about this issue and I’m currently awaiting a response. For people who need to workaround this issue, please keep in mind what I said above about including the debugging symbols in a Shipping build. While it’s not ideal, it could work a temporary solution to the issue.

What do you mean, can you please be more specific with a detailed workaround? Thanks!

Hey Matthew,
I’m going to look into the right now and see if I can repro. If I can I will log a new issue.

Hi Matthew, any news from Google? It sounds like they have abandoned the plugin…

We thought to have tracked down the issue to a logging method called internally in gvr_create():