[Crash] Function Param Name conflict with Variable Name on Restart

Well, this was a pain in the *** to debug.


1: Setup up a UMG widget blueprint similar to (note the variable and function param of the same type with the same name):

2: Call the function from BeginPlay on the level blueprint.

3: Reload the level (load the same level while it is playing).

4: Crash with cryptic error messages like:

One or more of the steps may be redundant, they’re just what caused it in my case. Renaming the function param to something else (in this case NewMission) fixed the crash. This kind of name conflict is caught in C++, but I overlooked it here and no warning was provided. The error message was also quite useless. It’s quite obvious there is a name conflict once you know it’s there, as finding references to the variable also finds references to the param usages in-function.

Hello valathil,

Thank you for all of the time and information you have provided on this issue. This is a known issue (UE-3531 ) and it has been sent it to the developers for further consideration. I will provide updates with any pertinent information as it becomes available.

Make it a great day