COOP Online and some character features

Hi guys,

This is my first thread in this forum and I’m full of doubts.

Firstable I’m going to introduce my team. We are Boleo Games, a brand new developtment team formed by 6 guys from different countries.

We have begun to develop a game for xbox one, ps4 and pc based on Unreal Engine 4.

We have experience with other engines like Unity but this is our very first time with unreal engine 4 and we really want to use Blueprints in order to maximize our productivity.

We have and we will have many doubts within the project but here you have the firsts.

How can I watch tutorials about create an online enviroment for cooperation between 2 or more mates within the game, unless there are tutorials, could you guys help me with this complex situation?

What things should we consider before creating content for xbox one and ps4 (We still don’t have the development kit but we need to start creating content)

Is there any Blue print documentation? like a PDF with all the stuff you can do with it?

Last thing, I’ve seen all the project templates from UE4 library and they look amazing, can we use any asset in there for our project? Textures, raindrops, etc?

Thank you guys in advance!!!

hi mate, best of luck to you and your new team.

I cant comment directly, but can share a few awesome tutorial links for you to start with :

these should be more than enough for someone with previous experience in other engines, at least for a solid start.

cheers !!

I’d highly recommend the links strahobrz posted. To add to that though you can find lot’s of really great stuff from the wiki unreal keeps.

It will have a nice amount of tutorials to help you get started.

Hi cjdiez,

To incorporate multiple clients for a network, I would recommend checking out our networking tutorial here:

For blueprints, check out the tutorial videos Crytis and strahobrz listed as well as our doc pages, which can be found here: Unreal Engine 4 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation. The doc searchbar gives you access to any information on the documentation pages, answerhub, and forums about topics that you search for. To access just the doc pages when you type in a search parameter, there is a documentation tab at the top of the page. Simply hit search then switch to the documentation tab. I can’t wait to see what your company has in store in the future, good luck!