Converting the top down camera to rpg style camera?

Rpg camera is something that is not attached to the character. So you can move the camera independently (north/south/east/west) from the character. So if your character moves the camera doesn’t. Like this: Let's Play Shadowrun : Dragonfall - Episode 15 - Cool Ghouls - YouTube

Your examples are great but in both of those the camera is on the character. Or there are just multiple characters which all have their own camera attached to them. I have the camera as separate because my understanding is that it needs to be so. But my issue is that I can’t set up any kind of links to that camera inside my character blueprint. I know how to move the camera and control it when it is on the character. But if I try to use a separate camera pawn (again I’d guess this is the way to do it?) I can’t even get control of it. The game doesn’t even use the camera, instead it uses some weird 3rd person camera that is attached to the player waist (some default camera view when the game doesn’t find a camera in the nodes?).

So the way I have done it is that I have separate camera bp that I dropped on my level. If you add the camera on the character using camera boom or springarm then it follows the character and I don’t think there is a way to move the camera separately

I tried this but I can’t figure out how to attach the “get camera” to the “new view target” of that “set view target with blend” node. I’m not sure if that node is even something I should be using.

The float clamp is something I can do (when I have control of the camera). Once I have control of the camera I know how to make it move. I just need to figure out the node that gives me control of the camera. Or something like that.

So for clarity here is what I have:

  • I have 3 separate blueprints. Character, level and the camera. I have dropped the camera pawn on the level so I’d guess it should be available
  • I have removed all the camera stuff from the default topdown example. From character nodes and components

What I want:

  • be able to control the camera with wasd buttons for example for moving it north/south/e/w so I can move the camera separately from the character