Confused :(

Hi Guys,

So I have purchased the AnimMovementPro pack on the Marketplace. I followed the tutorial video I found on Youtube to make the Blend Space and Animation Blueprint Graph. I have already made my Character Blueprint and I have set my Animation Mode to ‘Use Animation Blueprint’ and for Anim Blueprint Generated Class I have selected my ‘Animation_Blueprint’.

In the viewport of my Character Blueprint I can see my guy in his ‘Idle’ pose but when I run my game and go to move none of the animations play. I should say I am very new to all this and I am still learning Blueprints and game development in general.

If you need screenshots or a video or anything please let me know. I don’t know where I have gone wrong :frowning:



Are you using this with the 3rd person template? So you have all your input already created?

Have you followed Epics tutorial series on creating a 3rd person game? Your probably interested in 7 and beyond, just scroll to the bottom and select what you need to follow.

It walks you through everything you’d need to know. I am certain its something simple you have overlooked as it happens to me all the time. Can you link me the tutorial you followed and I can see maybe where you went wrong as its hard to tell since I can’t see your PC :slight_smile: