Configuring game mode from editor UI

I have a custom game mode class with some properties like that:

class UE44X_API AUE44XGameMode : public AGameMode
		TSubclassOf<UCoordinateSystem> CoordinateSystemType;

I want to configure them from some property window in editor UI. Is it possible and where can I do it?

You can set the game mode in: Project Settings → Maps and Modes

Create your own game mode and assign it there.

Alternatively you can assign a Game Mode override in the World Settings on a per Map basis.

Actually my property is not available there. I created my game mode, assigned there, but its custom properties are not shown.
As I said I want to configure my custom property of game mode from editor UI.

Ahh, super sorry. I misread, totally my bad.

This should help:

specifically i think you are missing some macros:
UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=PlayerMusicSkill)

I don’t want to use blueprints at all. If there is no way to configure it via editor UI itself I will simply use second c++ class to configure it.
That’s not such a big problem anyway, I simply wonder why you can edit actor properties, but can’t edit game mode.

The only way to do this is to create your own GameMode blueprint based on your GameMode C++ class. Mark your property as BlueprintReadWrite. Set your GameMode as the default or set it as the WorldSetting’s GameMode. Now you can open your GameMode blueprint and change any properties in the Editor UI.

As I said: I was speaking about UI like details window. Blueprints are still programming and I see no reason to add them to my project.
And as of solution: I ll simply make child C++ class and initialize properties there.

Right, just letting you know the only way it can work. Blueprints have no overhead for this so if you need it adjustable in editor this is a simple and direct way to do it. If you never needed that functionality then C++ was always your best way.