Completely new to this

Hello my fellow unrealers (not sure if this is how i should address all of you),
Anyways as the title suggests I am completely new to any kind of programming, however i would LOVE to get into it.
So my question to all you veterans,professionals and whatever you want to call yourself is where do I start?
Any good places to learn what I need to learn (as I said I am like a total noob at this).
Furthermore if you guys could maybe give me a list of things that i should start learning in order to be somewhat proficient at this type of stuff. Like where to learn the programming language that I am going to use etc.
Anyways any help would be greatly appreciated and I am terribly sorry if I posted this in the wrong section, I guess this is some pretty general stuff :slight_smile:

I personally would start with an ordinary basic programming tutorial (you can find plenty of them on youtube -> e.g thenewboston has some very good ones).
Then watch the video tutorials so that you know the basics:
After that directly start with a small project. During the development process you will have questions -> post them into the forum/answerhub, because we are always here to help :slight_smile:

Good places to learn such stuff:

Alright thanks a lot!!

You don’t need to know any programming to get started with Unreal. My approach was to work through the step-by-step tutorials for the third-person shooter…

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This will get you sort of generally familiar with the editor, terrains, blueprints, etc. After that, well you will need to start somewhere, with some small test project. For me it was just to set myself the challenge of making a complete landscape with terrain, water, foliage, fauna, lighting, etc. Then I will move on to gameplay, actors, and topics like that. Even within the “make a landscape” topic there is a lot to learn, from the tool chain to specific techniques for texturing. Once you get into it the breadth of what you don’t know will be immediately apparent, and you will have no trouble choosing topics to explore :).

Good luck.