[Community Project] WIP Weather & Water Shader

*account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! *

Beware, you can get your dropbox account permanently blocked! Better push project to git/bitbucket or upload to mega.co.nz
and thanks for sharing with the community! :cool:

Well that escalated quickly! LOL… Thanks for the heads up :smiley:

Looks like I need to find a better upload site, sorry about that! I didn’t expect it to generate much traffic. Will update the thread with new links shortly!

Wow, great shader! Bookmarked :wink:

Ok guys new links are there, hope Mega works better… :slight_smile:

On a side note, I managed to get the project down to just 156mb so I decided I would only upload the one part. If you wan’t just the files, let me know, but everything is included in the link above.

That would be :slight_smile:

  • seriously work man! Now that it’s packaged up I can maybe take a look at it and try to get an infinite plane going, though I may need help pushing the verts around in shader and also building the mesh itself (your grid + planes to stretch to the horizon (just flat textured is fine there) + a vertical wall on the edge). Then there’s the of offsetting the X/Y calculation for your wave system based on player rotation and movement.

I may not get to play with it for a bit but when I do I’ll try and get as far as possible and then hit you up and we can maybe work through it together.

download always stalls out around 70%

You might try another browser, Mega can be finnicky.

I just tested it out and it did download the whole file, it did pause for a couple of seconds at 40% & 81% but did end up completing. I am using Chrome.

I don’t know if DropBox will ever let me share files again (apparently they don’t like internet traffic ;)), but I can see if that link still works, will PM you with it if you aren’t able to get it from Mega. :slight_smile:

That would be great if you are able to! :slight_smile:

I have a few other failed meshes/materials still in my project, so not everything is included in the download, but I was planning to try and remake the T3D-like mesh again, it would be so much better.

I’ll let you know if I make any progress on that, there are still many things I need to add into the project but I just wanted to release something for now. :slight_smile:

You may want to try Google Drive as well. I dont know if it has any limitation on bandwidth traffic though.

And thanks again for sharing! The customization of the material is . :slight_smile:

Good call, I forgot I already have one set up!
@JamesBarnette I will add in the download link for the Google Drive download once it has uploaded. -DONE linked above

It took a long time to create all of the variables/structs/parameters but I think it was worth it, having to change values in the material instance (or worse, in the material and need to recompile shaders) made it worth the effort. Have fun with it! :slight_smile:

Thanks a million mate!

Just curious would it be possible to make a river tool or somthing with using the built in spline tools?

Just curious here. :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch for man, great job and **** neat!

It could, the wave animation might need to be shrunk down to large ripples instead of waves, but you can make those waves travel as fast as you want in any direction. That’s a good idea actually, I’ll play around with it on the weekend and let you know if I get it working. Sounds like a fun challenge! :smiley:

Glad you like it! Let me know of any other features to add to it (underwater/swimming will be added in next update).

And yes, I do have some form of Unreal OCD (UnOCD?) where I can’t stand a mess of wires, hope it helps to make it easier to understand! :smiley:

Holy Moly!

you did a blowing mind work! I will try to test your shader when I get a . You asked for ideas, maybe you can make a storm rain weather? Increase density for the rain particles

Glad you like it!

The weather system is only partly completed at the moment, that is why there are no ‘3d’ clouds or rain yet. I have a few ideas that I am testing out in my project, but I didn’t want to include it in the download yet as it only sort of works (that’s my way of saying it is mostly broken :p).

Beyond that, the cloud textures are not great, and are tiling too much. All of the textures included in the download come from the sample projects Epic created on the marketplace, some of them look great, others like the clouds & shore foam are not so great. I will try and come up with some better looking textures for a future release.

Thanks for the suggestions! They are on my list. :slight_smile:


Wave Set Time Multiplier locks to 0.0 if you try to change it.

even trying to manually type it in results in a value of 0.0. thus freezing the waves.

Great work thus far.

Features request: A preset drop down for presets values that relate the Beaufort scale. is a how the waves are categorized.

Ok,…2 more issues rendering related. In the image below the biggest one is that is seems that the mask for the foam is being calculated as a depth calculation similar to the way depth-fade is calculated. has a very obvious flaw in its approach. as you can see the foam clips when it extends beyond the object. approach will work fine for a shoreline but fails for anything that doesn’t extend beyond the foam itself.

The mask for objects breaking the surface of the should be and AO based approach.

The second and I’m not sure what one is but I know it has something to do with Depth fade… it appears that The depth fade calculation is somehow clipping you specular in the material causing it to mask out objects that are under the surface. seems to only apply to mesh objects and not BSP or landscapes.