[Community List] Free Software Tools & Resources List

Free Software/Programs:

KRITA v2.8.x Digital Painting For Artists like Corel Painter / Photoshop


Thanks guys!! I’ve added these to the master list :smiley:

Houdini realesed a non-commersial version:
I checked the possibility for FBX export and it says filmbox-fbx, which I dont know what is yet.

Houdini Apprentice includes a wide range of file formats including FBX import** [but no export]** and ALEMBIC import [but no export]

Here is my list of resources:

I’ll have a dig through your list and add some new blocks to this page! Already saw some good stuff in there!

So filmbox-FBX is the same as FBX?

Yes , this a Autodesk file format :smiley:

Thanks, I’ve added it to the list. looking at the comparison chart on their site FBX is import only but it looks like it might be possible to export to .OBJ

Please do! Also, if you have any free resources on your list that aren’t mentioned here then please share :slight_smile:


I’ve stickied this to the top of Content Creation so everyone can find it more easily. :slight_smile:

Awesome list and some cool stuff in here I need to try!

Thanks for starting this thread.

Thanks Tim!! :slight_smile:

hi ULLS,

had a thought, have you considered adding free desktop video recording software to the list?, recording gameplay/tutorials…ect is an integral part of developing games.

just an idea:)

Hi Smokey, I didn’t really consider screen capture software as game play footage can of course be captured with matinee, however if you feel it would be beneficial to the community then please add to the list. :slight_smile:

Loads of free motion captured animations. =D

Thanks! Great addition, I’ve added it to the master list. :slight_smile:

Loads of free tuts in really really detailed e-books and loads of free blueprints (character selection screen/ rechargeable torchlight/ burger flipping etc). Courtesy of Ryan Shah! :smiley:

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Great resource! Added to the master list.

Thanks VeerWolf & Ryan :slight_smile:

Normal thief. Helps to “steal” normal from another mesh to a target mesh. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Thanks to time spirit, mentioned it in another post)

I made a umg server browser example, called IronFox. Similar to my other umg project, except this one is with the blueprint online session nodes.

I knew I was forgetting a super awesome program that no one should go without…

OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio) - Live-stream, screen capture to flv/mp4, multiple sources & overlaying video on video, records off the GPU so it has a very small footprint, Open Source.

There is fraps and some others too… but this program makes them fairly irrelevant (I use fraps only for the FPS counter now) ;). Must have if you want to record tutorials, record some footage from UE4, or live stream!

Also, for coders:

Visual Studio 2013 Community - Basically the Pro edition with different terms (max 5 users per company, make less than $1million/year, no Enterprise dev) - Which means it’s perfect for small UE4 teams!
NotePad++ - Syntax highlighting, supports most languages, lightweight

For Audio:

LMMS - Audio production, sound generator, beats/baseline, synthesizer, & MIDI controller

And Misc:

GifCam - Quick and easy program for recording Gif images.

Model downloads:

Yobi3D Search Engine - A search engine for finding 3d models

I’ll keep looking for more :slight_smile:

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