Coming from Unity and well ...


This is my first post here in this forum. I am married to the Unity Engine for years, but looking around for a new wife now. … (; )

After seeing several tutorials about Unreal 4, my eyes began to be wet. There are so many things in Unreal, like the animated sky, the incredible speed of realtime rendering, the Blueprint Editor and so many things more, which makes the life of a VR creator much easier!
The most of those options you have to purchase for Unity in there Asset Store…

However. One aspect in which Unity seems really looks to be much better than Unreal, is the Terrain Editor. Especially the paint functions.

Is there a hope that Epic will overhaul this part next?

And please think also about to support any projects of VR Glasses. This will be the next big trend for years. And Oculus Rift is not the only product in the scene.


Welcome to the forums!

You can find some resources on VR in those links:

And it would be better if you can be more specific about the things you want to see improved with the Landscape tool so that Epic knows what to fix/improve.

In the Twitch stream about 4.6, they talked about how they are going to start working on improving tools and systems for large worlds.

I can’t remember if they mention landscape specifically, but I assume that it will be part of that process.

Thank you for your welcome

As for the Landscape Editor >Terrain Engine in Unity: Here you have a template kit with a lot of ready to start materials like grass, dirt, stones, rocks and so on. You can instantly paint those to the ground. There are also a lot of vegetations ready to use like grass, bushes and many kind of trees which you also can paint directly to the ground. This is a really good way to get realistic landscapes in a short time.

After looking some Unreal tutorials, I couldn’t see that Unreal handle all this that easy.


This is all there and exists already, though the Landscape system works a bit differently.

  • Firstly (and quite annoyingly), you can only have one material on a landscape, so all your blending and whatnot has to be done in the material using vertex colour channels. This is a big limitation but the upgrade to 128 texture samplers in 4.6 should be able to help with this massively.
  • You can also put grass and foliage on terrain but it’s not already made for you, you’ll have to make or find assets for this yourself.