Cloning the Third person character

I’m really confused. I did a brand new project and the animation works.
Then I applied the same method to my project and following the same exact steps it doesn’t work. My project’s character uses root motion - could this be a problem?

Regarding the punch, it’s trigger by an action and I created the boolean in the event dispatcher but when I try to call it in the clone s BP it doesn’t appear like jump does (character action), it only appears as a “call function”. What am I missing?

No idea. These errors are hard to pinpoint without looking at the project itself.

Root motion can affect movement. But, if your player also have root motion and it moves and animates ok, then there is no reason for the clones not to do the same.

Ok, thanks for your help. Could you point me to where I can find someone to look at my project?

Don’t know. Not many people are willing to receive and open files from an unknow source.