Cinematic help?

Hi my first time posting here and not entirely sure where to post this but im looking to make a little cinematic and want it to be kind of like a horror theme where it looks nice and bright and then it turns to like a messed up location kind of like in silent hill and was wondering if i can get any help tips and tricks from you guys cause this will be my first project and the first part of my portfolio and also the deciding factor if me and my team want to go forth with the creation of this game. any help would be much obliged thank you.

Well first you will have to make the locations obviously. But if it’s just a cinematic and you haven’t started anything yet towards a game, make the locations on one level. Unless you have a program to make movies you can do 2 different levels and record the clips then edit it on the other program. But for making cinematics look into using matinee and camera actors.

and its possible to animate actors when making a matinee?

yeah just use a Skeletal group

Thank you both with for your help I really appreciate it