Child Pawn Reverts to Parent Properties After Being Spawned

So I have a game built on top of the Blueprint Multiplayer tutorial. In that tutorial, you have an invisible parent character that all players spawn into the lobby as and they must switch to one of the characters childed to it to proceed. I have this parent character class with most of its physical properties (skeleton, materials, animation blueprint, etc.) set to None because having them set to the same asset as the child BP’s causes the infamous Child BP’s Lose Their Properties When You Close the Editor bug. Everything works correctly there.

However, about every one in three times I select a character in-game, that character’s properties revert to the parent properties about a second after spawning. The new character spawns in with their correct child properties and then reverts to the parent’s properties. In this case, since all those properties are None, it just makes the character appear invisible, but it basically deletes their skeletal mesh and animation blueprint and probably other nulled properties. I have confirmed that the character itself is not being despawned, it’s just losing those set child properties right in-game. They remain correct in the editor.

I have no blueprints that should cause this and the fact that it’s only about a third of the time that this happens makes it harder to find the problem. The output log didn’t give me any indication of what the issue might be. I did note though that when I put Print String check on the Event Tick to check for one of the properties that mysteriously disappears… this problem didn’t happen. Take that check out and it returns.

Does any have any insight into this problem?