Character not showing up in mini map

Could anyone tell me what I need to add in order to have my character appear on the mini map? The red dot is suppose to be the location of my character.

Does the character always show up in the center of the minimap? If so, just attach another draw texture (or shape) after your first draw texture to draw something on top of it at the center of the map (something like 118,90).

If the player doesn’t stay at the center of the minimap, you’ll need to do some calculations but there’s no point in going down that road unless this is the case.

2d capture texture???

move the camera back, or wherever you want it. Looks like it’s set too close.

hope this fixes ur problem :slight_smile:

ps: if you’re trying to reflect (refraction) using materials, then it won’t show like you think it would.

Oh, is that what that is? I had a tough time making it out in the screenshot.

yeah, pretty sure it’s the only way to do that right now, that I know of. (still noobish myself)(looks like I always will be, as I dig deeper into the rabbit hole, lol)
this method is more expensive on the engine than it looks under certain conditions, usually best to activate it with a trigger box or ?? etc. I tried it for a mirror on a vehicle and it made it look like I was time traveling when I started to move. nice effect but very undesirable. (this is sorta mess’d up atm in UE4, hope they make a cheaper way later, performance wise)

this works to some degree but characters reflect oddly, usually with artifacts:

and tha’s just sticking your head into the rabbit hole, not jumping in. :cool:
ps: hope that all makes sense

One of the Epic dev’s just created a tutorial on the Wiki for creating a mini-map with UMG, you can find it here:

Hope that helps!