Character is not being pushed away by moving walls [SOLVED]

My question is quite simple :
How do I push my character with a moving wall away ?

At first it looked quite easy but after working for hours on it I still can’t figure it out.
Here is what happens :
My character is moving normally when the platform functions like a lift but it’s not getting pushed sideways.
Heres a video to this behaviour :
Character getting bugged (2).mkv (10.0 MB)

But funny enough it works when the character is walking against the wall :
Character walking against wall.mkv (5.7 MB)

So my question is why is my character not getting pushed sideways ?
Heres also some code if you need it

Plattform Code :

For the Character I just have the normal ThirdPersonCharacter code.

You’re calling a timeline on tick!?:slight_smile:

That means you’re calling that timeline every frame. Is that really what you mean?

I’m quite new to UE5 so I watched a tutorial on that. What would be a better way to move the plattform ?

Ok, the problem with your character not being block by the wall unless they are walking is a known problem. It’s not your code.

The code is very weird, but seems to work, so never mind :slight_smile:

Ok, it’s non-trivial. You basically have to use ‘sweep’ and add code to push the player:

Here’s a more sensible way to move an object back and forth

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Ok I will try it out now and notify you if it worked. Thank you so much for the help :smiley: !

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I got it finally thanks to your help ! :smiley:
I can’t thank you enough !
Here is the code for other people :

Put this into the code of your moving wall :

Get this for the Wall settings :
Moving Wall settings

Put this into your ThirdPersonCharacter code or just the character you are using :

Here’s the vid of it working well :smiley: !
Character can be pushed.mkv (8.3 MB)

You actually dont need the second part of the code inside the moving wall lol
Just noticed it

Well done, this is great! :slight_smile:

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