Character Artist\Art Lead\Hard surface\Props\Character animation\VR\BP, C++ Development (team)

Hi, my name is Oleg.

I’m a lead of a team “4 Tale Production”
120 members in our team there are:
-3d artists
-3d animators
-concept artists
-UE4-UE5 developers C++, Blueprints, .NET developers
-environment artists

We offer:

Full Stack Development
-UE4-UE5 development
-VR games development
-Business app development
-Android app development
-Multiplayer games development
-Unity Development
-Java, C#

Art Development
-game ready characters
-2d concept
-hard surface modeling
-organic modeling
-low poly modeling
-hairs modeling

-facial blend shapes and facial animation
-clothes\hairs physics simulation

Released projects:

my personal page ArtStation - Oleg Suptelia

Feel free to feedback
email: [EMAIL=“”]
skype: render-s
discord: oleg_4tale

Check positive feedback on the second page of that tread please******

Kind regards,

You work is Amazing!

Would very much like to have you on the Rival Playas Development team as a character artist, our Topic is here:

Thank you for feedback

update test

I done this head for an unannounced game project, which is included full PBR textured version,
but I have permission to publish only a clay version.

Character production

I hired Oleg for a work on a real time character for unreal and the result were higher than my expectations. Oleg is a hard working and talenting artist always ready to put the extra miles to reach the highest possible quality.
For studios looking for a great character artist (and maybe even rigger/animator ?). You can hire him eye closed.
You can look at our portfolio to see what kind of high expectation we wanted from him:

check more images here

Thank you, Mael!!!
I appreciate your feedback

Dishonored fun art
Speed sculpt time lapse

looking for an interesting projects

I made a characters in sci-fi style for a game development, I will publish details later in September.
Hope you like it
follow my artstation and social media

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hi guys

Palmhand sculpt
More at my artstation page: ArtStation - Oleg Suptelia

Character skin, rig setup in UE4.
sorry, render not polished, video with technical tests

Dark souls fan art