Character Artist\Art Lead\Hard surface\Props\Character animation\VR\BP, C++ Development (team)

Hi, my name is Oleg.
I’m a 3d character artist and lead of a team “4 Tales Production” (25 ppl, 3d modelers and animators, concept designers, programmers, vfx, sound)

We offer:

-full stack development
-UE4 development
-VR games development
-Business development
-Android development
-Multiplayer games development

-game ready characters
-2d concept
-UE4 development
-VR games development
-Business development
-Android development
-Multiplayer games development

___________________(have to update)
-concept sculpting
-hard surface modeling
-organic modeling
-low poly modeling
-texturing (all things: unwrap\baking exturing for PBR)
-hairs modeling

-facial blend shapes and facial animation
-clothes\hairs physics simulation


-Java, C#

Feel free to feedback
email: [EMAIL=“”]
skype: render-s
discord: Oleg#3782

Check positive feedback on the second page of that tread please******

Kind regards,

woman character
more here

happy new year

hello. Now I’m aviable for work

Here is some low poly baked stuff with texture examples

low poly version

You work is Amazing!

Would very much like to have you on the Rival Playas Development team as a character artist, our Topic is here:

Thank you for feedback

pbr head practice

update test

I done this head for an unannounced game project, which is included full PBR textured version,
but I have permission to publish only a clay version.

Character production

I hired Oleg for a work on a real time character for unreal and the result were higher than my expectations. Oleg is a hard working and talenting artist always ready to put the extra miles to reach the highest possible quality.
For studios looking for a great character artist (and maybe even rigger/animator ?). You can hire him eye closed.
You can look at our portfolio to see what kind of high expectation we wanted from him:

check more images here

Thank you, Mael!!!
I appreciate your feedback

Dishonored fun art
Speed sculpt time lapse