Changes to the official Unreal Engine Wiki

Sickeningly terrible decision. The most important things your non-AAA, non-custom-licensee customers have is the documentation. Letting us use Quixel and other aquisitions free of charge don’t fill the hole - fancy tools are useless to all but the AAA without documentation. Most new features you’ve released recently have been horribly (or not at all) documented as well, so they just don’t get used in non AAA projects because nobody without a UDN account can access accurate information.

It almost feels like the Unreal Engine documentation is deliberately bad, and it’s definitely unusable. It’s bizarre - every other engine is well documented and offers far more in the way of tutoring to its non-AAA users than a few sparse, incredibly specialised video tutorials and “”“documentation”"" consisting of mostly blank pages.

I don’t get it. I don’t get how this helps you. Help me get into the headspace for this decision, because I’m lost - how does it help you to let people use the engine for free at all if you are then going to not only give them basically no documentation or assistance, but even actively hinder a shared community understanding and exchange of knowledge by purporting to give people a space to put tutorials and guides, and then deleting it and everything contained without any warning? How is it more profitable to basically turn away developers who would otherwise make popular games that grant you additional revenue money because they cannot afford a UDN license?

I hope this is an april fools joke, I really do.

Why??? :confused: There were so many helpful tutorials in the wiki. Now I must read unreal wiki pages in the google cache :frowning:


Are you kidding me? I was renovating AI navigation with Rama’s Ai Jumpimg Navigation wiki page. Until yesterday.
So our project stopped now.
What’s the point of closing Wiki without a notification in a day without being read-only?

The internet wayback machine has an archive of the public pages from the wiki. Not all pages were indexed recently.

Here is a search: Wayback Machine/

If the Wiki data was a security breach from before then, I think you can contact them to remove it from the archive.
If it was the system that was insecure, you might update the post to reflect this resource.

Best luck!

link’s are not working

What an awful move! Please reconsider that decision and make the entire content available as static html pages - online or just as a downloadable zip archive.

LOL@ those who think that posting their disappointment about the takedown will make any difference. You think the Epic guys even read this post? In my years working with this engine I have learned several things:

  1. Never get a new engine version before the last hotfix and even then only if there are no complains about remaining bugs.
  2. Don’t expect help from staff because all they care about is Fortnite and what they need for their own development
  3. Don’t use the search function on this site, instead use Google or whatever. You get better results
  4. There is no C++ docu and there will never be one
  5. Don’t even bother reporting bugs because they don’t care
  6. If you have problems with UE, God and Google are your only hope.

Let me tell you one thing: There were many problems I had over the years and some of the best fixes I got were Rama’s posts in the Wiki. If I were that guy, I would be pretty mad.
But hey, as long as we get esoteric renderfeatures in fortnite and keep practicing social distancing, the world is OK.

If you’re going to take away the wiki, at least give us proper C++ documentation. Like more examples in the API documentation maybe?

Hopefully I’m not jumping the gun here, but I’ve created a wiki to push content into to replace the previous one:

Anyone can register and do typical wiki tasks. Email me at [EMAIL=“”] with your registered email if you’d like to bump up to contributor and be able to create tutorial pages. I’m also looking for super-contributors to manage other language versions of the wiki.

With some luck I’ll hopefully get an archive of the old wiki from @Amanda.Schade or someone else at Epic and we can import the old wiki content.

April Fools

Ok, I’m pulling files from the internet archive and putting them in a git repo. Your milage may vary.

PR’s welcome to organize it. I’ll see if I can magic up a github pages tomorrow.

Можете меня на хуй забанить, но Вы Эпики - Гребанные ДОЛБАЁБЫ! Спасибо блть вам огромное! Теперь хер я че седлаю, а не тестовое задание в котором используется Gameplay Ability System и еще дофига чего в чем я Абсолютный 0.

Короткий перевод/ Short translate:

A bunch of obscene language to Epics about Wiki closure, especially an article about Gameplay Ability System (GameplayAbilities and You) that I used to perform my test work witch I needed to get my first job.

I don`t care about a ban.

Nice work!

I’m getting the following error when I try to clone it:
error: invalid path ‘AI_Bot:_Blueprint_Scripting:AI_Behavior_Tree&_NavMesh:_Part_4/index.html’

Are you still pushing? Edit: yes you are. I’ll wait. :slight_smile:

Security risk? lol?

I really cannot fathom the security risk - what is the security risk exposed by this?
Even that, just host it on different server, and if you wanna hack the server then go for it… Nothing is valuable except for the wiki lol.
Or at least give a period like at least 1 month - the wiki has been there for years! What can additional 1 month can do?
I think this is just plain unwise decision.

I’m sure it’s like this. Wiki was a decentralized information sharing chapter, and Epic deliberately sealed the place and claimed possession of that knowledge. The move is aimed at monopolizing Epic’s education business, just as Unity launched a business selling the Unity education system as money.

Absolutely mind boggling. If UE had a good documentation – that’s one thing, however it’s subpar and if we speak about forums/answerhub a lot of questions are left unanswered. Yes, the source code is there, but it’s obviously tad bit time consuming to dig for answers that way.

I know why this had to happen but Im still really disappointed! In all honesty the wiki never really lived up to what Id hoped when I was suggesting it to Epic back in the UE4 beta, I had hoped for it to be a place where Epic and the community could meet on equal terms to really help push the engine forward. Without community administration though there was no hope of it ever being more than some plain text pages, we really needed the ability to make templates and really contribute to the structure of the wiki so I believe this move is for the best. Why a wiki ever had to be forced to be part of Epics login I’ll never know since the only people who really needed to login were contributors and the whole idea of a wiki is that its publicly accessible which Epic seems to be moving more and more away from for whatever reason.

I would be in full support of the community starting its own venture independent of Epic in hopes it could become what I wanted originally so if anyone is interested please let me know, Im available on UE4 Slackers discord (as Monsium atm) :cool:

Source code and full HTML page with files for “GameplayAbilities and You”. :
GameplayAbilities and You.rar - Google Drive