Changes to the official Unreal Engine Wiki

NO!!! A lot of the google search redirects to this page! What are you thingking? This is a really bad move!

My money is on to come out on top as it has mods from the official UE4 subreddit behind it.

Yep, there is already a team forming around it and new content being created there, not just capturing of the legacy information.

■■■■ I just wanted to look at A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums and now it’s gone :frowning:

So how does one pull this off? I’m a totally beginner and started 2 days ago.

Well, this was unexpected. I’m agree with Rama that this was an Epics’ decision based from business point of view and not the actual reasons indicated in the post. As some pointed out technical security issues would be easy to overcome for a company of this scale, and there are work-arounds that would completely eliminate them, unless it’s business security they’re concerned with. :slight_smile:

My speculation is this has to do something with the fact that Epic promoting their own educational channels and projects. And having a free growing wiki community may decrease the popularity and usefulness of such.
Again, Epic Games is a huge company and this bad play most probably was coming from their Education and\or Community departments, and I hope the core people leading developing of the engine and main business model will stay close to the original idea of openness and community focused development.

Love to all.

I’m new to UE4, going through the official learning at The current module i am on has a Document Reference link, for further reading on the video’s topic. The link takes me to ZEEF which curates the relevant documentation on the topic.

A sub-topic within the Document Reference on ZEEF links me to this thread, which explains the source (community wiki?) has been deleted permanently. Does anyone know where i can find an equivalent wiki or repo of information that might hold similar information i can search through? Preferably an official source?

It’s a bit frustrating trying to learn from the beginning (with best intentions through official sources) with such holes in the process. I’m almost dreading making my way deeper into course material in case this becomes more frequent. The initial part of learning is ironically learning how to learn. Learning where to go with questions etc.

@ShiroiAkumaSama @kupu
As mentioned in this thread already, we have a brand new community wiki :slight_smile:

Thanks Moth Doctor, i did see this but i appreciate the confirmation. I’ve bookmarked it for any further reading i need to do.
I wonder if they will point their official learning resources to this to plug the holes left by removing the former… :slight_smile:

Terrible decision, not sure who approved this. Hopefully ends up working out. It’s gonna take a year for it to show up on google reliably like the late wiki did however.

So disappointed :frowning:

Thanks for the community wiki team who are gradually filling up the wiki with legacy content. It would be great if there could be an official fix for this, particularly where all wiki links point to this forum, which doesn’t help users find help easily.

I was about to start learning unreal only to find THIS. No documentation.
If you behave like that I’m through with you unreal. GG not
I’ll see what Unity has in offer.

As many of you have seen, in a wonderful act of community collaboration, a new unofficial Unreal Engine Wiki is now available at at! Moving forward, the content from the official Unreal Engine Wiki can be found at and we’re working closely with the curators to ensure the completeness of the data transfer.

If you’d like to connect with over 100 community members who are contributing to this new Wiki, and share your own knowledge, join their Discord!

Thanks to the amazing efforts of @Erasio, @MonsOlympus, @nickglenndotcom, @FunAndFriendly, and so many others who have jumped in to maintain and build upon the information that lived on the official Unreal Engine Wiki.

A sampling of the available community resources can be found here:

Thanks Amanda, [USER=“69”]Moth Doctor[/USER] and others have been hard at work I really havent done a whole lot yet but I plan to support the community wiki as much as I can, this will most definitely be a long game since Unreal Engine is here to stay :wink:

I am glad I’m not the only one around who remembers the Beyond Unreal Wiki, I use the wayback machine to get to parts of that wiki but I’m not sure if its all preserved or not. I do miss those times but the community has grown so much larger now, it’s more global, I just hope I can help others in the same way I was helped from those early days of UT200x, to UT3, UDK and now UE4. If it wern’t for the mod community I really wouldn’t be here helping on documentation for a fully blown engine so big shout outs to the old Beyond Unreal crew (you know who you are) and all those who are no longer at Epic. Much respect :cool:

That are good news. Thanks to everyone involved!

Fix the risks and keep it online then? Why to even consider taking it down?

I made a tutorial on the wiki on how to create toolbar/menubar buttons for your editor tools entirely in blueprint. it’s in pending review i hope it get published soon.

Throwing my hat in to say this was an awful decision, I’m glad I got the bulk of the deep learning done for my game 3 years ago, when it was possible.
Really terrible. Currently downloading the archive, hopefully it can still be useful.

No thanks for whatever ■■■■ you’re trying to push in place of the community driven wealth of resources and hard work
-all I can see is the same forum post over and over in place of useful info.


The worst part is this… While the WIKI lives on thanks to a few good devs - all the old links from the forums / answerhub back to the WIKI are now dead. They just redirect to here.:mad: (Epic’s big contribution to this disaster:p)… Information was pretty fragmented before - now this? Do Epic get an Epic fail for docs or what?! Anyone think the new hires on the docs team @ Epic are going to be able to fix any of this??? :smiley:

This is so ■■■■■■ :frowning: Each time I am looking for an answer to any qeustion I am being pointed to a message “These resources now live on a new community-run Unreal Engine Community Wiki” but without a further link, so I have to spend more and more time to find out what to do. If the plan was to disrupt the process of using/learning UE you did incredibly well.


The redirect message is still confusing and verbose.

Please just put this link in bold as the first line as a TL;DR: