Changes to the official Unreal Engine Wiki

I’ve started restoring the wiki content manually to Unreal:Main Page - It will take me a couple weeks to restore the majority of the content manually, but the good news is that between the Google cache and wayback machine a large portion of the content is available to be restored even if Epic does not provide the XML mediawiki dump.

If anyone is familiar with mediawiki and has the time, it looks like Epic used a tool to migrate from a different wiki tool to mediawiki and it really tells in the markup. Some of the pages are terrifying messes of inline html, headers are tags instead of ==, ===, etc. Feel free to contribute.

The project started nearly 10 years ago to document the technical aspects of Minecraft and has been up (ad-free) ever since. I’m more than happy to keep the unreal wiki content alive on it forever.

I’m not familiar with Wiki securities issues, but is there an actual good reason for not providing a proper dump of the wiki (like in “mediawiki friendly easy to import dump”) to the community so it can be restarted somewhere else with minimum effort?
Or maybe Epic is already doing that behind the scene with some highly involved community members?

These are real questions, not trying to be aggressive or whatever here, just trying to understand.

so,… its April 2nd, 09:19 AM, and the wiki still is offline?

@Epic - April Fools are only done on April 1st, usually.

At least provide a download link to the wiki as a .zip to open locally…

EDIT: Fine, whatever, we still have YouTube and other sources, now that epic killed the wiki.

I just want to ask why!!! why ???why???

Integration of opencv 3rd party lib into UE4 BP system:…nreal_Engine_4

So you’ve had OVER A YEAR to make a new secure wiki and migrate there. Should I understand that Epic is not competent enough to do it?
Your official documentation for c++ is mostly an auto generated joke that tells NOTHING. Forums and wiki are the only alternatives to figuring it out by reading engine code. GG WP
Sorry if I sound hostile, but It’s frustrating enough that official documentation is basically useless on may aspects of Unreal and now you’ve taken down the only semi official place to get information.
I do love this engine but sometimes it’s a ■■■■■ to figure it out. And even the best documentation is best supplemented with something like that wiki…

This is an awful descision. The existing documentation that exists is woefully inadequate, and has no real applications, they’re tutorials at BEST.

The niche that the wiki filled was that of the intermediat**e user. A beginner might want to RPC, but an intermediate user wants to deploy their own dedicated server. Having boots on the ground of experienced developers who’s already felt out all the problems others are likely to have is absolutely gold dust.

This is a failure on the part of epic and the community team, no matter how it’s spun. I hope a community lead wiki crops up, as this is a devestating loss to the developer community, from AAA to indie.

WHAT??? I was in the middle of reading this page: “Integrating_OpenCV_Into_Unreal_Engine_4”

I need it urgently for my first project setup. Please send me a pointer to a copy of it

The Google cache of that page still seems to be available:

Coronavirus must been affecting the wiki … seriously, why taking it off…

Man you saved my life. CSS seems lost, but text and images are there

I am so in need for this in my current project, I always had an eye on it but never saved it because I thought I am safe relying on this great wiki as I have been doing for years. And now, I have to wait until something officially gets released… It’s going to take a while and I am quite sure it won’t be as good as this one.

Yes. Sure. Let’s make the already missing information even smaller. The most stupid decision

Personally, unreal wiki is very important learning materials, so I had backed up unreal wiki html pages on 2020/01/12. But I only clone the html pages from category code. The html pages compressed file is more than 3GB. I plan to upload it for anyone who needs unreal wiki in the next few days.

Can someone tell me, whether it would infringe copyright of epic or other people?

It was accessible by everyone for free before, so I don’t think you would break any laws by uploading it somewhere. But I’m not a lawyer.


Indeed, go for it, a lot of useful infos are contained in that wiki, unreal devs wants to ease the life of developers so I don’t think that they will say no to this, but them will have to publish in simple html (so no code can be exploited anymore) in their new wiki stating for example "This wiki contains old code or techniques that are deprecated, the new way to do what stated here is ue4(dot)com/dothisbutbetter/newtechnique)

I don’t understand what kind of security reason it can be. Maybe we can at least have some information about it? Wiki was very useful. I hope somebody can restore it.

You can try, seems that page is saved: Integrating OpenCV Into Unreal Engine 4 - Epic Wiki
Not sure if it’s the last version.

There is a solution though by using permissions, only let authorised users add to the wiki and this was what I originally had thought Epic would do is allow some community members rise to the top and guide the structure of the wiki not just add to its content. It was never a great idea to tie everything into a single login, if people can access things they shouldnt from the wiki then theres larger issues with the way the system works so I do agree with Rama in part that this situation could be resolved by the smart ones but its certainly not a cost effective venture.

You need to be more open with public facing stuff, Epic have really hurt themselves with the restructures to their domain over the years, with the forums being entirely private for awhile and constantly logging people out because of someone trying to get at Fortnite. Thats the issues that arise by linking it all together, the forums, the wiki arnt really critical systems so giving them the same level of access was never a great idea, it does add some persistence but that can be achieved through other means without having the single login system. Constantly being logged out all the time is only hurting things overall and the wiki is just another biproduct of these overreaches as with the insane captchas we’ve faced recently, hell I need to do one to protect my Nvidia account which only holds game settings like they are valuable data. Thats what really needs to be considered here, what data are Epic trying to protect cuz it surely isnt the user contributed tutorials which are far more valuable to UE4 developers than some Fortnite skins!

I believe if Epic wanted to they could easily work with the community, that we could have helped keep the wiki updated and secure, Epic already have trusted moderators here from the community and we do the same on UE4 Slackers, many of these people I trust and have known for years. Epic knows who they can trust to a degree, obviously you cant vet everyone online as well as staff but some of us have been around a long time (longer than a majority of Epic staff tbh) and have been in the loop with Epic in the past and know whats expected when it comes to keeping our mouths shut.

As I said previously I certainly understand the concerns but I do believe there were ways around this, even if it means migrated the Wiki out of Epics possession but none of this was even discussed or attempted to be discussed with the community. Which should have been the very premise of the Wiki from the get go but since Epic failed, the Wiki failed and now the community suffers for doing the right thing and thats not on at all Epic!

Just a heads up for people who are interested.
We’ve started setting up a new wiki and try to coordinate efforts of people who are interested in contributing, designing or moderating this new space.
It’s still gonna be a day or two before we have finished setting up the server and imported the old articles but if you’re interested in helping in some form please do feel free to either step by this discord channel which we’re currently using to communicate before the wiki is set up completely: Unreal Engine Wiki
Or send me a message about how you can and would like to help out.
I’ll be sure to contact you the moment you can get started!

What we could use right now would be people who generally have experience hosting mediawiki, html / css and design experience to theme our new space, people with experience moderating such a space and as many people who’d be happy to share some of their experience or update articles to the current engine version as we can get!
We do already have at least one person for every position but a community effort can only get better through collaboration!

Looking forward to seeing you around!

Timo / Hoodini / Erasio