Change texture color on certain part of texture

Hey everyone, so I was wondering if there was any way I could get the color code for a certain part of a texture and change the color of that part of the texture to another color code.
Please can someone let me know as this would be so useful to me, thank you.

like … change color of a material in unreal - Google Search

(do you realize you just made this same post yesterday also?)

Not just yesterday, here’s four more:


dude just stop it

lol just wanted some help im 14 allow it pls

asking several days in a row or bumping your original message several days in a row isn’t going to help. What will help, is if you spend some time going through relevant google searches, and if you’re having trouble with specific areas, ask for help with that. This specific question probably has more answers than practically anything else out there. :smiley: