Chameleon Post Process

Thank you! : )

Three new effects from upcoming update (These are still WIP)




Real value in content, well structured, well presented, reasonable price and no disingenuous/misleading marketer headlines;
Very impressive, really like your work.

People new to third-party services and willing to sell products on Marketplace could look at this and simply learn that honest product presentation and good quality are enough to sell something instead of go out screaming “-Ultimate xxx [insert garbage here]”, “-Ultra, Master, Plus Advanced [insert basic blueprint here]”…
On the long run buyers will grow skeptical because of those headlines and will affect everyone selling assets.
I think Epic could be more incisive about this.

Very nice product, and mature presentation; Good job, sorry for the rant :slight_smile:

Thanks for kind words @BrUnO XaVIeR , those are much more valuable for me since I’m making this because of love! I’m really glad you like my product and always open to suggestions to improve it. I don’t see a rant but great support! Thanks again! : )

Brilliant tool, been messing around with it and all of the effects are top notch. Looking forward to the future updates!

Four more new effects from upcoming update (These are still WIP)




TV Noise

I’m not sure if I’ve ever gotten motion sickness in my life until I saw the wobbly effect.

Two more new effects from upcoming update (These are still WIP)



Upgraded the “Screen Drops” effect by user request. Here’s the new version, coming with first update;


Yes… “Painterly” effect! Been looking out for this.

Edit: Sent you PM, please PM me when this comes out, it seems essential for my project.

Upgraded the “Scratches” effect by user request. Here’s the new version, coming with first update;


I purchased this pack and its awesome, but now is not working in V4.9. Are you going to be updating this soon? Thanks!

Glad you like it! Yes, I’ve updated the code and will submit in next few days.

Awesome. BTW, I’ve tested most of these effects in VR and they look great.
Also, Is there a way to have the post process be in a bounding box instead of the whole scene? Thanks

Wow nice! : ) Happy to hear that! I don’t want to keep users waiting more for update #1, but I can add that “bound” option in Update #2. However, I think that you can manage it yourself by modifying the blueprint as shown below.


Update: New package has been submitted and waiting for review by Epic staff.

Update: For some reason, Chameleon’s marketplace description and images are updated but content is still same as before. I’ve contacted with Epic and waiting for reply.

Chameleon 2.0 is on marketplace now. It’s time to hit the Update button!

Hello everyone!

I’m working on a new update which will contain number of new effects and new functionalities to existing ones. Please feel free to share your ideas and needs.

Anything that adds comic-book effect or hand-drawn painting effect would be cool, I don’t mean cel-shading. Just to experiment with “hand-painting” style effects.