Casting vs Class Equal To

Yeah, just stick to an Equal Check. It has another positive side: you can also compare it with a soft class, which won’t hold a hard reference, so that you might have a smaller footprint for your class (both Cast and a Hard Class Reference equality check will involve a hard reference).

No, that node doesn’t cast anything.
It checks class inheritance under a limited scope of classes. Casting has no scope and it always casts an object returning either a valid or null pointer.

That node always return uncasted object, no pointer math.

Sorry to bump up such an old but interesting discussion. I am at the same point and unsure if I should use “cast” or “get class and check equal”.
I do not need the cast, but cast is only one node. As someone said already, “get class and check equal” needs three nodes. But what is better? What is fast?

I think “cast” do a hard reference and when you compile the actor with the hard reference the actor which references to are compiled also. Is that true or a misunderstanding? Do this also happen on “get class and check equal” instead using cast?
No technical UE4 Evangelist here running around to solve such a interesting question? :slight_smile: , “get class and check equal” vs “cast to class”