Can't Resume Downoading UE4 2.7.3 On Epic Games Launcher

Hey Guys,…Uh…I Cant’t Resume Download UE4 2.7.3 version on Epic Games Launcher (I don’t want my computer to stay on until the download is complete…) you know guys why can’t it be like utorrent ( like download a 10 GB file and complete 3 GB, then next time your computer boots and resume the download…but it is not like that in UE4)

Dear Makers Of Epic Games Launcher,
Please Make That Resume And Download Again After You Close Launcher thingy please…it will be better for those who have slow connection speed and can’t download it completely…Or If you have solution Please Do Tell Me…I want UE4 Very Badly…

Hi Jerry,

This is something that our Launcher team has been looking into and trying to gather more information on. Could you post on this thread and provide the Log file that Maximusdb3 has requested from other users? I will add that report back to our daily communications to make sure it’s looked into.



Hey TJ,
Thanks For Replying,But Did you Mean Debug Log On Epic Games Launcher ? I’m New Here …Sorry For Asking Such Babyish Question…

Got The Launcher update today…Screenshot here

Can’t Upload Log in Zip File… it Says No Such File and IT Also says this type of file (7z) is not permitted to upload it…

Gonna try some other way…

link text

Click And You should extract it…

■■■■…Not Working Either even after update !!!

The logs that Maximusdb3 requested is the Debug Logs. They are different than the standard logs and you can generate them by following the instructions in this section of the troubleshooting guide.

Don’t forget that the other question is being used as the main report for this issue. So once you get the Debug Logs, make sure to post a response there and attach the logs.



Got The Log Files,hope you can open it …link text

Those are still the standard logs. If you follow the 7 steps in the “From Inside the Launcher” section in the link below, it should generate the Debug Logs. They will be a bit larger than the standard logs and will contain the word “debug” if you word search them. You also only need to upload that one Debug Log file and not the entire log folder.

Also, make sure to post your reply on the post below. We are trying keep the discussion on this issue in one place.