Can't paint foliage on an imported landscape

Kia ora

Ok I think I’m getting how this works, Am I right in thinking if the layer selection is good/rightly picked
it will pace the textures over the map and blend them at the boundaries/edges of the layers? and will also beable
to paint with those textures using brush size and strength to create effects like patch’s of dirt in erosion grooves or
dryed dirt patch in the grass

If so it there a way to use this and blend say two possibly three textures to each layer? to allow for painting areas of veryed grass
or a different rock in so mountains. would be nice to have say 3 textures in each layer. Like in Skyrim you can have 4 textures per cell
then it goes black, till you remove one. Seems a bit spare to have for example only on grass over the whole island and be limited to 3
colours so to speak

A texture blend like I showed before

Rock Blend on the Rock layer
Crack_Rock 0.5
Mossy_Rock 0.3

Grass Blend on Grass layer
Green Rye Grass 0.8
Dryed_Crass 0.6
Clover_Grass 0.3

Dirt Blend on the dirt layer
Wet_dirt 0.6
Wet_Sand 0.4
Sand_Shells 0.2

The number being the preview weight (I believe that dictates how strong or the prioity of the texture)
which would create a bit of randomness in the layers

Kia ora

Ok worked out that if I make layers of Rock, Grass, Dirt and Sand and make normals for the same the lighting strat blinking and the
landscape goes black , but if I just use a full landscape Normal it’s all good, the only thing I’m noticing is a slight miss match in the
placing of the textures. I have a 4033x4033 map amd the .raw files are the same size, should the weightmap .raw’s be 4096? or
could it be because when I import I move the map to suit where the Char is and where I want to start point. Maybe it better to do
the texture before moving or maybe move the default Char starter thing’y and those bit alone with the sunlight and Fog, then reset the
Lightmass Volume to enclose the worldspace

As per setup in the "Nature Mega Pack only difference I found I needed to detatch the normals and use one full normal
Still a little to much repo patterning but best I had yet

That should work. I do recommend eventually bumping the resolution of both your raw and raw16 files to 4096 so that it falls within the power of 2, but as long as they are the same size it should be fine. You are also correct that you can have multiple texture per layer and you can adjust them as you need to to be able to get a good blend (I’d recommend the world_aligned_blend node and lerps for this). Make sure that if you do this you set up the Shared: Wrap for your textures so you can use more than 12 textures on a landscape tile (this includes normal maps, etc.).

Kia ora

You Sir are a gem, pricless you saved an ole falla rage quiting lol if off to try find the example and tutorials for the world_aligned_blend node and lerps.

4096? I can do that, tho I thought the heighmap had to be 4033 and textures 4096, I mad the textures 4033 cause you said they needed to be the same
Sorry it a very different way of thinking for me and taking a bit to get my slow ole head round

As long as they are the same size it should be fine. The reason I suggested 4096 for everything is because it is a power of 2, which avoids some potential complications later on down the road. I’m really happy to hear this is working out for you!

So the importer will be Ok with a map 4096 rather than the default 4033? I got from the default table of world size’s

BTW I don’t know if your up to it with WM and the UE4 Macro, not sure if the utputs of that are the best for UE4 to use
at this point.

It out puts:

HighAngle Mask
MidAngle Mask
LowAngle Mask

Full Normlmap
HighAngle Normalmap
MidAngle Normalmap
LowAngle Normalmap

HighAngle Spaltmap
MidAngle Splatmap
LowAngle Splatmap

I’m guessing Epic are aware of it (not sure tho) and thought I’d pass it on in case it’s somit the devs can make use of
for just this task

Kia ora

When I make them all the same size I get

U:/Terrain Files/World Machine Documents/Annwyn Island/Version 02/HeightMaps/Annwyn_Weight_01_Rock.raw’s filesize does not match with current Landscape extent

What is this landscape texture process your talking about called I just get yard of text **** about errors when I trry to search for it and a lot
of the your tubers that do tutorial seem to need the wave the mose evry where while they talk and the deside they got it a bit wrong date of some place else.
No need to wave the mouse back and forward when you explaining some thing, to hard to follow if you never done, even some time the Epic guys forget it’s harder to
see the mouse in a video that passed in 30 sec and don’t expalin the node theyer getting or how to get it. I was trying to folow this guys for a bit but he’s all over the place

Bless him for trying, hes done a leage set of tutorials hes jus not go it for explaining what and why for learners

Kia ora

Am I spose to edit anything when I had a 4096x4096 Heightmap to get 4033x4033 size’s

If I load a 4033x4033 map

If I load a 4096x4096 map

Sorry Adam but I’m not sure why I’m now getting the error:

/HeightMaps/Annwyn_Weight_01_Rock.raw’s filesize does not match with current Landscape extent

Am I to assume I need to make sure the weightmap .raw file have to be the Overall Resolution size?

Yes, you want all of your weightmaps to also be 4096x4096. Everything needs to be the same size in order to avoid the extents errors.

Kia ora

Sorry I may not have been totaly clear

When I lod my 4096 mao do I leave the numbers as they load by default or do I change them

A 4033x4033 map use’s 63x63 quads to give a 4033x4033 Over all rez
A 4096x4096 map use’s 127x127 Quads to give a 4317x Over all rez (leave this alone or change it)

I’m a little confused as this seems s to conflict with the Tech Guide

Hi Kiwi-Hawk,

I apologize, I misunderstood previously, but now I have much more clarity on what was going on. You are correct with the 4033x4033 as landscapes themselves do not have to directly obey the power of 2 rule. Follow the techguide you linked for the most accurate information on landscape sizing. The textures you use within your landscape material, however, DO need to respect the power of 2 for tiling purposes. I spoke with one of our team’s rendering experts to further clarify this. So upon exporting from WM, use the tech guide, for the landscape material textures, use power of 2. Does this make more sense?

Kia ora

It does indeed, I use a 4033x4033 Heightmap and 4096x4096 weightmaps right my textures are 2048x2048, tell me please do
I go up/larger or down/smaller numbers on the landscape coords to lessen the patten effect on the tiling, the tiling onmy rock
patten tho it seemless stick out like dog’s ah like nothing on earth

I believe increasing the landscape coords mapping scale will stretch the texture to produce less tiling.

Thank you for your time Sir

this is extrange… if you change the Landscape scale (low values) then the paint foliage just works. In my case I just have a 1096x1096 heightmap if i select a 4000x4000 landscape scale the paint tool doesnt work at all. But if i change that scale to 500x500 the painting tool works fine. I guess this depends the processing power and video hardware that i have to process the data. In my case i have a macbook pro 13 intel iris 1.5 GB video card and 8 GB ram