Can't open any projects

When i’m trying to open any of the projects, the window which says “Loading” appears. When it reaches point of 95% it dissapeares and that’s all. Nothing. No errors. nothing!
What could it be? I’ve tried to reinstall already, it didn’t work.

Hello Ferri,

Thank you for your report. I am looking into your issue, but it seems that I might need some more information in order to properly help. Would you mind going to this page:

follow all of the instructions listed. The two main areas that need to be covered in your case are:

  1. The Launcher is unable to download content

  2. None of the Above Helped - Getting Debug Logs

Once you have all of that information zip it up using your preferred utility, attach it to a comment and we will get started investigating your issue right away.

I hope that we are able to find a suitable solution for your problem,

Thanks you for answering, the trouble is gone.
Maybe it will help someone in future - i couldn’t run a project in case of i had no free space on the hard drive. It’s strange that UE4 didn’t give any report about that, but anyway, it is how it is.

No problem Ferri,
I’m glad that it was something that was easily taken care of. I put in a feature request for a warning if a project will exceed hard drive space. the ticket number is UE-11403.