Can't Install Engine to External Hard Drive? (Mac)

Help, I don’t have enough storage on my Mac… And there doesn’t seem to be an option to install the engine to an external hard drive. It just says “not enough storage”.

Hi ThorTheGamer,

You can only install the engine on the boot drive of your mac, but once you have it there you can move it to an external drive by setting up a symbolic link, as described here:

You can also save all projects you create to the external drive, which should help as well.

Hope that helps!

Thank you

In the code, am i supposed to replace something with my hard drive name? Sudo mv /Users/Shared/UnrealEngine /Destination/Location/ Didn’t work by itself… (I did do the second command to…)

It looks like you have a space between UnrealEngine and /Destination. That looks like a problem with the wiki page, which I’ll see if we can get fixed.

Similarly, make sure there is no space between Shared and /Users in the second terminal command.

Sorry for picking up this topic again, but I got a quick question. When running the Unreal Engine from an external Hard Drive (assuming using USB 3.0), does it greatly increase the power/performance of the engine or does it still perform very fluent? I will definitely try it, but maybe someone has an answer before I get to do it (probably can try it by tomorrow). Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Cribbel,

Please open a new post for this question. Feel free to link back to this post in your new post. Thanks!