Can't import video clips

I’ve tried importing and drag and dropping video clips (MP4 or MOV) into the editor, it creates a .uasset file but won’t play and there is a warning in the Media Player (attached pic)

UE4 4.9.1
Mac osx 10.10.4

Move it to your project folder in /Content/Movies… and set playback rate to 1.0. (You can see option on your picture on top left corner). And try to play it.

thanks pal but didn’t work. i didn’t have a Movies folder so i created one then tried importing again with same problem only play rate is now at 1.0

so as you’ve sugested i put the mp4 file in the movies directly and reimported and then tried to open the media player asstet and the engine crashed

I am using 4.9.0 on windows and its working fine. My problem is that it wont play on my android phone… What kind of file are you using? Try using different coder and different extension. (for me .mp4 works fine on PC) What kind of crash does it report? Just remember when you import it it wont play automatically you need to press play on top of preview window.

thanks again MZorba just got it working as you originally quoted. it was a combination of the buggy file system and the buggy media player import. also every time i imported the play rate was different.
full of bugs tho loop don’t work for one had to setup a play-delay-rewind-play loop in the level BluePrint.
needs fixing

so thanks got it kind of working with you’re help, much appreciated
mp4 file, not tried it on mobile tho but I’ve set the material as unlit and connected the texture to emissive and that works in mobile preview

crashed a few times trying to import. crash report attached link text

Hey guys,

You might want to take a look at the tutorial I updated for 4.9.1 recently in regards to the Media Player asset and controlling playback. You will also want to look into our Documentation which warns users about the compatibility issues with certain media files, particularly H.264 and .mp4 enconded files.

Media Player Tutorial

Media Player Documentation

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance. We are aware of certain compatibility issues and are working to have these resolved. We try to urge users not to use this feature as a major focus of their projects as it is still considered experimental at this time.

Thank you,

Hello Andrew,
Thank you for your feedback. I have posted my question here (Media texture on android - Cinematics & Media - Unreal Engine Forums) but I hope you dont mind me asking you a question here.

Is there any confirmed type of file that works on android? Because I tried with H.264/.mp4, xvid/.avi, and few more, and they didnt work on android (and inside editor they both work fine). I have tested if videos are playable with function “CanPlay” and it returns false for both type of videos… And after calling “Play” on my MediaPlayer, “IsPlaying” still returns false.

Any info is appreciated, and I am glad to see You are working on this feature to make it fully functional.

Hey MZorba,

So I did discover the type of enconder you use, will effect the media players playback in the editor. Apparently using the VLC Media Player encoder can produce a more compatible video format.

I will continue to investigate this issue until a definite answer is found.