Can't download UE 4.5 after my computer was restarted due to a power surge

I was downloading UE 4.5 in the launcher normally then suddenly a power surge occurred and abruptly restarted my computer. Now when I try to download it again, it says Unreal Engine 4.5 preview. How do I get it back to normal?

Well, mine’s not due to a power surge, but I’m only seeing 4.5 preview as well. I reinstalled the launcher, no luck.

I’m having the same issue as well. The 4.5 preview is all I see for that version. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. I’ve wiped all of the app data as well and cleaned off any orphaned directories, with no avail.

Same as the above, just re-installed.

Hi everyone,

Our Launcher team is currently looking into this issue and we hope to have a fix soon. We will update as soon as we can.

In the meantime, please feel free to post your ‘Verbose Logs’. Follow the link below for directions on how to find them.



Hey guys,

Please try restarting your Launcher and let us know if it is now fixed for you or not.

Alright, everythings working now. Thanks!

ah thanks its fixed now, it doesn’t say preview anymore. awesome work guys! :smiley:

It’s fixed now! Thanks

not fixed for me,
yesterday after many tries i got ue 4.5 preview but when i tried to launch, it was verified and repaired in a loop.
today after starting the launcher it was ue 4.5 and preview disappeared but still not working so i removed it and tried to download again.
now immediately after starting the launcher i have 4.5 and a subscribe option but after waiting some seconds it disappears and i can not select 4.5 anymore, its not there…
i always relaunched launcher if something failed

but im also a very active user, so my plan is active

im very looking forward to this update, im very thankful and proud to be using ue in my projects. its a pleasure working with! i love you guys! i know you will fix it soon

Hi ,

Could you try these troubleshooting steps?

If nothing work, I would suggesting trying to reinstall the Launcher. Afterward, if the issue is still present, upload you ‘Verbose Logs’. Directions are at the bottom of the linked page.

gone through steps… nothing changed… reinstalled laucher… still no luck

Those are your standard launcher logs. Your Verbose Logs will have the word verbose contained within the text if you word search the file. Did you add that bit of code to the .ini file before restarting the launcher?

i didn’t have a defaultengine.ini so i added it into baseengine.ini but seem to be wrong,
also my launcher directory is different than described in the wiki steps… this is my path of configs \Unreal Engine\Launcher\Engine\Config

i was not able to find defaultengine.ini so i added it to baseengine.ini but it didn’t work, no verbose logs
my path to the config is different than described in the steps… my path is:
\Unreal Engine\Launcher\Engine\Config

reinstalling does not work…
i now have a subscribe button for all non installed older versions and still no 4.5

since 24 hours i began trying still no luck
i really want to join the hype :((

Ok after hours and days finding a solution… i even compiled the source, i have now found a solution…

I had a 10 gb sized UE4.5 folder inside this path:
\Unreal Engine\Launcher\VaultCache

After deleting it, i had UE 4.5 in my list and was able to download it!

i am with same problem
can someone help me?

Hi marcelows,

If the solution provided didn’t work for you, then most likely your issue is something different. Please try the troubleshooting steps linked below.

If the issue still persist could you post a new question and then post the link to it here. Make sure to provide your ‘Verbose Logs’. Directions on how to find them are located at the bottom of the troubleshooting steps.



Hi marcelows,

Please ignore my previous comment. Your issue was most likely related to a Launcher outage that we experienced on Sunday 10/26. It has now been fixed.



Thank you so much. I was having this problem only on my laptop, confused as to why it wasn’t listed, and this got it to work.