Can't download Epic Games Launcher

Basically everytime I go to Epic Games and click Download (for windows) it results in a 502 Bad Gateway. Which, as far as I know, means it’s a server side problem. I thought it was temporary but it’s been two days now and still nothing. I’ve disabled my firewall and VPN just in case, as well as have tried different browsers. I used an online website checker and it likewise resulted with the fact that is down (since the Download links to: I’ve been unable to download the Epic Games Launcher anywhere.

So am i going crazy, or is the server down?

I’m thinking server, because I actually HAD the Epic Games Launcher, but when I was trying to install Unreal Engine, it kept giving me errors and failing to download. I uninstalled, planning to get the new version, and reinstall, but now obviously I’m stuck at that part. Now I’m thinking Unreal Engine didn’t download because of server side issues. But if that’s the case, how can it already be two days and either no one has noticed or no one has fixed it? So, again, maybe I’m missing something?

I don´t think it is the server… do you have win 10?

try to download from here:

And let´s see if it install correctly.

Thank you so much, both of you!
I was able to download from google drive and from the wiki site, or rather the two launcher-service sites, without any problems at all. Just for some strange reason, … what the… Now everythings working… Even the links I sent to you before. :open_mouth: I have no idea why, I didn’t change a thing, just after 2 days of constantly tweaking this and that, trying to get it to work, after this post it started downloading again (ironically enough only after I downloaded all three download links from above).

Welp, problem solved! Thank you so much for your help and the extra links, Especially for taking the trouble to upload it to google drive for me (i assume it was for me, hehe). :slight_smile:

Hi, Mr. Spixe try download from Academic Installation:

or more fast :slight_smile:

Hope this help!

hehe, good that you succeed, man! Welcome to unreal, good studies!!

PS: yes, it was for you, lol

you have an internet problem, that is for sure, maybe you should call someone to check your internet, modem, etc

OMG! The problems back!!! I have no idea why or what happened!
So I downloaded the Installer, clicked the exe to install it. The little Epic Games Launcher “Downloading” window starts, the one that initializes the 92.3 MB download. It shoots up to 24%, maxing out my internet connection and then BOOM, drops to 0kbs, shows connection failure icon, and hasn’t budged since. Out of curiousity, I went back to my original download link (from the dashboard) and tried to download the EpicGamesLauncher.exe again, and yep, original problem is back, Bad Gateway. Wow, someone is really playing games with me. :frowning:

Sure is looking like it. I adjusted some VPN settings (again) and cancelled out of the Launcher download. When trying to restart it, it just asked to repair or uninstall, repair of which did nothign at all, so after uninstalling it and trying again, this time the download completed. I’m happily (though still doubtful) on my way to downloading the Unreal Engine. So far so good. This time it was a VPN issue. Thanks a ton for all your help Filipe!

ok, hope that you will be able to install and execute the engine ,hehe, good luck!

Help I tried downloading it, it finished downloading and then it says it’s installation failed
it says
Install Failed

Please help!!! i am currently using a mac to download, i disabled all firewalls and i tried downloading it a lot of times, I tried different alternative downloads and it still isn’t working


I have reinstalled Windows 10b gtbrd