Can't create keyframe?

In the matinee everytime I press enter, the timeline goes to 0 and the actor changes position. How do I insert key at a given time?

Are you selecting a proper track to set a keyframe before you hit enter?

Hey -

Here is a guide to setting up your matinee and adding actors to it. Keep in mind you can also use the “Add Key” button in the top left of the matinee window to add a keyframe to your timeline.

This is similar to a bug that I am encountering, and wondering if it’s the same thing. Is this screenshot similar to what happens to you?

I seem to have experienced this as well. Regardless of where you drag the time slider, pressing enter creates a keyframe at time zero, and sends your time slider back to zero. For some reason, the issue disappeared when I turned off snap, and changed the snap value. I was then able create keyframes again. I was also able to return the snap value to the original value, turn snap back on, and enter keyframes where I wanted them. Hopefully anyone experiencing this can at least try this as a workaround.

I’m also experiencing the snap issue. I had it set to a snap value of 0.10 and it was causing everything to jump back to 0 including the loop marker. Very strange. Using 4.8.3.

Thanks for posting your solution Load Time!

Thank you!!!