Can't access downloaded content

I was sent here by accounts/billing. Information below:

My subscription ended yesterday. I did not plan to renew until December
since I am a student and have a lot of assessment over the next few months
and won’t have much spare time to spend with UE4. My plan was to learn with
some of the sample content with the spare time I will have.

Over the last little while I have been downloading sample content with my
very slow internet connection (it took half a day to get the Elemental
Demo) since I knew I could not download them after my subscription lapsed.

This morning I woke up to a rude shock when I saw that I can’t create
projects with the content I have downloaded! I had no idea that was going
to be the case or I would have created projects for all of them! They all
say “subscribe to download” and I can’t access the many gigabytes of
content I have downloaded.

I know no one at Epic was trying to be deceptive but this is not what I was
expecting. Please, can I have access to this content that I have already

Are you sure about that? Are you looking at the launcher, or the editor? If you open the editor and click “open project”, is there a row of “samples” underneath your own projects?

Hey Jazoom,

That definitely sounds like a bug with the launcher that we have seen. I have assigned a technician to further assist with this issue.

Hi jazoom,

I’m sorry that you’re having this issue. You should still have access to everything that was available at the time your cancellation.

Try going through the troubleshooting steps in the link below. If you still can’t access the content, follow the step at the bottom and post your Verbose Logs. They will help us track down the issue.

Thanks, TJ

Wow that was fast. I’m impressed. I am away from my computer for the weekend but I’ll definitely do this when I get back. Thanks.

Update: Okay, it looks like this problem got itself sorted out over the weekend. I don’t know if you guys fixed something on your end or if the strange bug was only temporary, but I’m glad it’s sorted.