Cannot set default value of Datetime in blueprints

I have a variable in a blueprint with a datetime variable I am trying to set to be 10 seconds as a test for something else I am setting up.

When I debug it in game however it appends on 5 hours for some reason every time.

Also I cant ever seem to be able to set milliseconds from the default of 0500 to 0000, doing this will also append about 5 hours of time onto the value, except this will occur inside the actual editor.



I am also aware of this thread: How to set default value of DateTime Struct? - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums
But the details of it seemed different enough that I felt this should be a separate discussion although they are similar

This is timezone, so it alters time to -5h. There no millisecond edit support for detail panel, only way to do it is to send milliseconds programmaticly or edit FDateTimeStructCustomization, you might try to override it with details customization: