Cannot Generate Project Files

Hey there, I have been trying to build UE4.12 using the source code but when I try to run the Generate Project Files, I get this error:


But I do have VS2015 Community installed with the Common Tools. I also tried re-installing it multiple times but still keep getting this error. How do I set the registry value?

Hello Abbeysaurus,

It could be useful to check the Environment Variable first, which you can see how to do at this page:

As far as checking the registry value, you can do so by opening “Run” from your start menu and typing in “regedit” (without the quotes.) You can then navigate to the location it lists. To give an idea of what it should be set to, my current value is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\

I just checked the reg and it is set to the correct file path

I apologize for the delay but I’m trying to find more reasons as to why this would be occurring. One thing to ask is if you’re using the editor while it’s located on an external hard drive. If this is the case, this could be causing some issues.

This may sound silly and might be wrong, but can you check to ensure that the path set in the registry and the environment variable actually match up with your Visual Studio installation? It’s possible that it was installed elsewhere such as Program Files instead of Program Files (x86) or on another drive.

I suggest making sure you installed the C++ tools for VS2015. Re-run the installer and check all the C++ stuff and click through to the end of the installer.

I just reinstalled VS and I noticed I wasn’t selecting the Visual C++ Common Tools. I had only selected the normal Common Tools. All fine now. Thanks

Never actually seen the lack of Visual C++ Common Tools return this registry related error. I’ll have to remember that. Thank you for the suggestion .

so… i can not put vs 2015 in path D; ??? MUST PUT IT in path C;???

Visual Studio should be installed on the same drive as your Windows installation, as Visual Studio refers to many files from the Windows installation.