Cannot compile Source [Error: DX11 feature level 10 is required]

bought and installed ue4 okay however when i launch the application nothing happens, I tried building and running the source and I get “DX11 feature level 10 is required”

logs etc…
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Hi Glass_Baine,

It looks like you are compiling the bleeding-edge 4.8 version of the editor. If you are compiling from Source, try compiling 4.6.1. It’s our latest official release. Let me know if it works for you or not.

If you go back to the Launcher and it still isn’t downloading the engine versions properly, please try the troubleshooting steps linked below.

I am still trying to compile the 4.6 source, though github is having issues at present, I have had a look through that document but none of the suggestions are relevent as the launcher gives no error message it just fails to launch I have included all the files it suggests, and I’ll message when I’ve got the source properly downloaded

I have compiled and run the 4.6 source and it gives the same error: DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine.

Are you running the source build directly from the UE4Editor.exe?

I wasn’t and just have it gives the same error merssage

Could you get the 4.6 version to crash and then make sure you submit the Callstack? Once you do, post a copy of that Callstack here.

The source isn’t actually crashing it’s just bringing up a message box and stopping, so there is no Callstack. from my brief look at the source it seems that bForceOpenGL which looks like it’s suppose to get the opengl version the system is running on (4.4) returns false, which is causing this message box to appear. this seems to be returning false because FParse::Param fails at if(*stream) implying that the FCommandLine::Get() command isn’t returning anything

There is a line in the output box which is:
LogInit: Command line:
I’m curious if this is suppose to be blank…

I’m also wondering if the fact that I have VC6, VC9, VC10 and VC12 on this machine matters I mention this purely because the log file attached in this post are complaining about some of the dlls that my other builds use…

I’d dearly love to look deeper into the problem but there is only so much lunch time I can use

We have had users in the past with multiple versions of VS and it has caused issues. If you don’t need the earlier versions, try uninstalling them and leave only the most recent.

Internally, most of us have both 2012 and 2013 installed, so we can say that those two versions generally don’t have issues working together.

unfortunately I can’t uninstall the earlier versions as they are necessary for maintenance work, is there anything I can do other than uninstalling stuff, and if not is there any hope of someone looking into this problem?

We are looking into your issue further and will post back here as soon as we have an update.

I spoke with our devs and they think this could be a rendering and not VS related. Could you try updating your graphics driver to the latest version? Just make sure not to get the beta driver.

Yes I’ve been playing around with it a lot, I have tried various drivers for the graphics card, and none of them worked however there is something up with the graphics as my computer has been unable to enable aero for quite some time, I tried it on a virtual machine (without any Visual studios)and it did the same thing, however when i tried it on a virtual windows 10 machine it worked. in desperation I created a new partition with a fresh installation of window on it installed the game launcher and it works fine, No idea whats wrong with my other OS though ;/, thank you for all your help TJ and my thanks go out to the developers too,