Cannot buy from Marketplace

I want to buy the “Military Weapons Silver” kit (30$), but it always gives an error. I have subscription and I am trying to buy with the same card(debit). Always gives me an error: “error code: E80-3150-0”. Could the problem be my own bank account? Thanks for help!:wink:

Hi ,

Please try the troubleshooting steps linked below. Afterwards if the issue is still present, follow the steps at the bottom of the page to find your ‘Verbose Logs’ and post them here. They will help us track down the issue.


I asked our Billing team to look into your transactions. We see that you tried several times to purchase the content, but you were only charged for one of the attempts.

According to our system, you should have access to download the ‘Military Weapons Silver’ pack now. If you can’t download it, try the troubleshooting steps I linked above, then post your ‘Verbose Logs’.

I’ ve changed my payment method to PayPal and it worked. Anyway, thanks forlooking into my problem !