Can you temporarily ignore/disable certain parts of the node network?

Can i set part of my node system to be ignored during play? Lets say i want to test something and need to temporarily stop a certain node collection in my level blueprint. If i just disconnect it from the Event Tick i will get errors from nodes that expect a tick.

Does anyone know a trick for this problem?

From what I understand of what you’re trying to do and depending on your blue print set up can you not just create triggers? eg; have a branch before the node you want to disable that asks if a certain key is pressed, when it’s not pressed the node is disabled, when it is pressed it is enabled.

That would be a way. He could also just copy the nodes and delete them, run the game and after this, past them back into the graph.

But i guess he is searching for an easier way to do this.

He could also use an input key instead of the branch+input and use this exec node to stop the compile from throwing errors. For example the button ‘o’ or something that you don’t use normaly.

Thank you for your answers guys, you are both right. I solved it by putting a gate between the tick and the nodes, which cut my network off without the errors. I didnt want to do the copy paste thing, because it is quite a large piece of blueprint i was trying to disable.

What i meant was more like an option somewhere (right click in a comment and press ‘ignore’ or something like that.)

Hey BdeJong,

There isn’t currently a way to disable sections of a Blueprint, like commenting out sections of code, but we do have a feature request in our system for it. For now, your solution is a good one.