Can I use C++ to access a MySQL server?

I’ve got great experience with SQL and Java and I’ve used a SQL API for UE3 that linked to a MySQL Server.

But due to UE4 using c++ and visual studio is there a standard API or object I should use to connect to my Windows Azure Server, as I’m assuming there’s a easy method to achieve this?

I have all the code I used before as well so it should be an easy transition.

Standard UE4 APIs does not support any SQL protocols direclly, only some online subsystems which is Amazon, Facebook, SteamWorks etc. (to access this github link you need to be active subscriber and have github account tied with Unreal profile)

Other then hat you could use external liberies, problem is with UBT it little more complicated to include those to project

But considering it’s Microsoft you might try to include sql header file and try to use sql libs, maybe they will work ou of the box

So basically they’ve overcomplicated it all and I have to spend most of my time changing their code. Thought a SQL object would be more widely used, oh well.

This isn’t a free plugin thats only for dedicated server logic, but its solid and may save you a lot of time building it yourself. Blueprint SQL/ORACLE/MySQL/ODBC Database Communicator in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace