Can I use a non VS Program?

Can I use a different compiler than VS? My VS isn’t working.

…or, you could fix your VS.

With unreal 4.18 you can use visual studio code

I’m curious too. Not that I’ve been having huge difficulties with VS and I’m sure other ones await down the road but take only the heavyweight of unused features…
It wouldn’t hurt to have a streamlined lightweight alternative like Code::Blocks.

I guess technically you could use another C++ IDE than VS. For example C++ builder from embacadero.
The problem would be the unreal build tool which is tailored to VS…

This is actually answered in wiki. But more critical problem is that: How broken is you visual studio? At least you need the toolchain to build the game, right?

My VS or OP’s? I got mine worked out (albeit it took me 3 days to be able to build a dummy C++ Unreal project). Still I’m going to use VS if that’s what Unreal developers had/have in mind.

Alright. I’ll check some of this out. I can’t fix my VS I tried, I did another forum thread about it too a while back.

What exactly isn’t working? I was on the point of reinstalling Windows and then I nailed it.

It gives me an error when I try to open Visual Studios with a UE4 project,

As far as I can tell, it tells something about registry error with Visual Studio. But that’s just a guess from someone use UE4 on Linux mostly.
All I can suggest is try fire up your regedit and poking around Visual Studio’s keys for more insight. ( look for the string like “IContentTypeRegisterService”,
it probably got a broken value or simply MIA.)
Hope the other windows dev can help you more.

Googling that error, I found this advice - give it a shot: