Can I prevent UE from using the Radeon GPU?

On our Dell OptiPlex 7440 and 7450 AIOs, with dual Intel and Radeon graphics, the Unreal Engine editor is too unstable to use. Disabling the AMD Radeon graphics card resolves the problem, but we don’t want to do this, since we run other software that would suffer as a result. I’ve tried various different driver versions with no success.

Configuring the switchable graphics also doesn’t help; I believe Unreal is choosing the GPU itself.

Is there any way to tell Unreal that it should use only the onboard graphics? Or to blacklist particular GPUs?

Integrated graphics is far more capable than it used to be, and these are relatively new machines. I don’t believe it will be a problem. (In particular, “feature level 5” appears to just mean DirectX 11 or better support, and the Intel GPUs support DirectX 12.)

to use unreal you have to have a dedicated gpu, it wont run on integrated graphics. even if it did you wouldnt get good results since integrated graphics just dont have the same kind of power as a dedicated gpu. i base this opinion on the many threads of people attempting to use integrated graphics who get errors such as level 5 graphics card needed and such. also based on the recommended spec provided by epic linked below.

In the absence of any other solution, we’ve temporarily set aside five machines for use only with Unreal and installed a very old Radeon driver, (aka 16.6) which seems to work OK. It has to be on separate machines though because the old driver causes some other applications (Photoshop, AfterEffects) to malfunction. It appears that Windows 10 v1803 resolves the problem so that will be our long-term solution.