Can I manipulate mesh information on the fly?

Hi, I’m new to UE, I just wandering if I have a object’s triangle connectivity information, can I draw the object in UE4? or something similar to draw_triangle_strip in openGL?

Thank you in advance !

You can make new class based on FPrimitiveSceneProxy. For ex, If you need to change mesh frequently - then override GetDynamicMeshElements.

You can check how it works in WidgetComponent.cpp, class FWidget3DSceneProxy

Yes you can!

In C++
SRombauts project that allows you using physics bodies with your custom meshes

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Also you can use blueprints (Custom Mesh Component)

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Does it work within a vehicle class? For example, I can change parts of the vehicle on-the-fly (while playing) for other parts? Let’s say a car with factory rims, and then, when I press my input key, a new rim is placed.