Can "brigade" replace Directx?

Even for people with amazing internet connections, there’s a lot of game genres(fighting, racing, schmup, others) that require local input response below 20ms. These games will NEVER be viable over any system like this because the speed of light and networking overhead becomes an insurmountable barrier.

I imagine the hosting/hardware is not particularly cheap either, though looking at Softlayer might not be the best place to look for lower prices.\

I’ll start to get excited when someone here is hosting something using Brigade/GRID.

Well, I see a bright future for it. Not now, not for everyone, but it’s close to reality already.
Specially judging by the fact that when a massive persistent world game appears, and I mean something like the size of a real city in scale, you won’t be required to buy a $10.000 computer to run it and play (even with such gamer rig wouldn’t run it anyway); because no console or average PC will be able to run something like it.

This technology is where everything is converging on the long run. We already have EPOC, have Oculus, and now the necessary backend is starting to appear. In ~20 years or less there will be in 1st world countries games like Sword Art Online (hu3).
That is the direction such technology providers must go, if they try to just replace average market of consoles/mobile/PC they won’t win of course. But once ppl see what this crazy stuff will allow developers to build, a very lucrative market is sitting there just waiting. And there is where I believe you are wrong, hardcore gamers will be the very first to jump into such massive worlds that this technology will allow developers to build and consoles won’t be able to run.

The hardware that Square-Enix is building is a super computer, costs tens of millions of dollars.