Can "Blender 3D" work with Unreal Engine?

Hello, Epic Games!
I have a question.
A day ago I downloaded and installed Blender 3D. I want to create a character for my game. Can I do it with Blender, or there is a special tool for creating character in the engine?

Its really hit and miss with ue4 and blender, sometimes it will work, and sometimes it will have a completely new and weird glitch. I found that most of the time it works, but ue4 is meant to use 3DS Max and Maya, so your best bet is to get a free trial of that or something, or you can power through the glitches, but they are annyoing. And no, there is no in-engine character creator.

Hello, Desiger102.
Can you give me a link to programs, which can be useful to create a character.
But give a link to these programs, which work with Mac OS X El Capitan (I working on this comp, until I will buy Windows 10).
Please, HELP ME!


One of the best tool for character creation is the Daz 3D Studio Pro - .

It’s free and user-friendly and have version for Mac.

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Hello, ! Thank you for a link ! I have successfully downloaded the installer, clicked on “accept the license agreement” and after that, a text appearing: Error creating directory
/Applications/DAZ 3D

What I need to do?

I using Mac OS X El Capitan, maybe this program isn’t working on my version of OS X?

Please, answer me!

Yes you can use blender to make characters for UE4 but when it comes to rigging and animations using the UE4 skeleton just forget about using that as there is a lot of problems with UE4 and blender using UE4 skeleton but if you are going to make your own yeah it should work. Make human is a good tool to get a base mesh for a character

don’t use trial versions or student versions of Max or Maya, you cannot legally use or sell anything you create in those trial versions, so they are a waste of time. the full versions are now subscription based, and cost thousands of dollars per year.

use blender, it works great, its free, and it doesn’t cause any glitches, except when trying to use UE4’s character skeleton, but that is optional. you should build your own skeleton in blender, and everything will work fine.

just rig a mesh in blender, export it as an FBX, then import it into UE4.

Blender can create anything that Max and Maya can create, and its interface is very similar to 3Ds Max, with basically the same tools. but instead of paying thousands of dollars every year, you can pay nothing, and get free upgrades forever.

Blender is also more stable than Max or Maya, since those programs crash all the time and get their preferences corrupted, while Blender never crashes on me. its probably because blender is open source, so its problems get solved faster by the community.

I have encountered a recurring glitch to which no-one has bee able to solve, so it is in-just of you to say there are not glitches, there certainly are, at least with 4.10 and under. And, as you can presumably see in my screenshot, this peculiar glitch makes it so that faces and such do not show up. A

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The answer is yes. You can absolutely use Blender to make characters (and more) for Unreal Engine.

It seems the questioner will try something else, but I think it’s important for future users who will see this question that they know Blender is a good (and free) tool to use with UE. Sure, there will be quirks, but that’s not unlike any other application. Fact is that many use Blender in conjunction with UE.

There are multiple guides and tutorials around (google) that gives you the specifics you need to do the export and import properly. If you had a specific question or issue, I would answer it here, but your question is general in nature.

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Thank you, guys!
I think I can try. Thank you! :slight_smile:

BUT I HAVE DOWLOADED UE4.11.0!!! YOU DON’T LOOK TO “product version”!!!

Sound like you have got flipped normals

Nope… Its something else.