Cable Actor Problems Within Blueprint


My objective is to create a blueprint for a grappling hook. Ideally a mass that I can shoot from my character that is attached via a cable. Once the mass is shot and hits an object in the map, it will attach, allowing the character to be pulled towards the object.

Right now I’m stuck because I cannot get the option to attach the cable to another actor, like I do when I add it from the scene editor. It appears that I cannot get the option only when I’m in blueprint editor. I would like to make the Grappling hook into a blueprint on it’s own so that i don’t have to recode it for each map. I would also like to make it an item you can pick up when needed.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!

I am running version 4.7.6

You can try these tutorials. They come with very basic functionality, but you can do more addition and tweaks as per your requirement