C:\Users\mehusername\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine\Common\DerivedDataCache\4\8 "Filling Up my C Drive!"

Hey Guys,

Ok, my C Drive is getting chewed up with Space getting taken from something in the editor that is usinghe above path…

I did a search and found this type of path.

In each one of these directries it’s at least 46MB on up least 100M…and there are hundreds of the following paths and files…


My DerivedDataCache Folder is 47.7GB!!!

and the list goes on…

It seems to be Shader Cache…or something…

How can I changed this path to put it on another drive so it won’t hit the C Drive and take up all this space?



Thank you so Much! :slight_smile:

This made my day!


Quick Update for anyone that moves the path to the Derived Shader Cache, it has to compile everything.

When i launced the Editor after the change, it said "58 Plus Thousand Shaders to compile.

I see that my Level is missing all kinds of things, it’s filling back slowly as the compile proceeds…

No casue for Alarm, just be prepared for that…


Guys, I just had a Huge Scarey moment…

While i was compiling 58+K Shaders, after moving the location of the DerivedDataCacheShader Cache path in the editor, everything froze up and then my extra large drive that i had moved it to disappeared, and I was in a Ghast.

Then I realized there was so much heat, i raced over and put the laptop in the freezer…waited for a few moments…said a few things :rolleyes:

Then booted back up and low and behold the drive was back…

I was very glad that I was backing everything up to a external drive…but I was very gratiful that the drive came back…

Lesson learned…

i am going to place theDerivedDataCache Folder on the external Drive…

Now, I am going back to Level Design…***.:slight_smile: ***

Regards, a Grateful Isabella…


There is also this article which I used to move the cache to another drive. I don’t know if both solution are the same though with the one in the preference window writing the data in the ini file I edited by hand and the access through the editor being a newer way? Does anybody know that?

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Is it possible to delete the folder on the c drive and start a new one on an external or do I need to copy the older folder to my external and then point unreal to that exact folder?

You can delete the folder and start a new one, but your projects will have to recompile all the shaders again. It will take them time to launch and will look like it’s frozen, just let it go. This is also the only way to clean out shaders from old projects no longer being worked on, I really wish epic would store them in subfolders for each project in the folder we choose.


Now that UE5 is launched, i have the same problem, but I cant find the “DerivedData” setting, so I have no clue how to change the location. How can I do that?


You should search in editor preference. Not in project settings

Hi @Raildex ildex,

Even after changing the Derived Data Cache Location in editor preferences and deleting the folders from the default location i.e. C drive, When I am staring the engine its Shaders are being stored again in the C drive only and not in the updated location and the LDDC & SDDC location fills is also coming blank in the editor preferences.

Hi, UE5 is still pain in the ■■■, and we don’t use it for game in our studio, but for tiled photogrammetry visualization. The recomputation of the entire levels takes around 30h on our workstation. Why wouldn’t it be possible to copy past the %appdata% ddc to the new specified location ? Why recomputing everything is needed, even to generate pak? It crashed after 13h when I tried to make a .pak compiled ddc to share to collegues.