C++ online Multiplayer: Where to start off?

Hey there,

I am currently really interested in making something with online multiplayer content. For the beginning I want to start with something really basic, just to understand the fundamentials of online multiplayer programming using C++ in Unreal Engine 4.

So I own a root server running Ubuntu 18.04 Server (I don’t know wether I need something like this to make my game work). I just want to have two game clients opened on two different devices with nothing fancy, just two static meshes which can be moved via player input and which get updated on the other screen in real time (for getting a basic grasp on how things work).

What would be the very first steps to achieve that or where do I need to search for getting information about this?
I read alot about high level frameworks for MMOs but that not even what I want. I want to start really low, from scratch and make my project grow while I learn.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

See pinned post.

His class is a must imho for starting out. I wish I had it when I started. Would have saved me MANY hours! Create Multiplayer Games with C++: Unreal Engine Mastery | Udemy

You mean the Udemy class?
Is it suitable for online Multiplayer or only for local network games?

Also, does it have an emphasis on C++ because it says ‘and Blueprints’ and I am not overly interested in Blueprints but more in C++.

That Udemy course is very good!

But if you want to deep dive into multiplayer, without going so much into other concepts I would recommend this one instead: Super Simple Online Game Development: Unreal Engine and C++ | Udemy

I also would like to reinforce Cedric’s compendium, also mentioned above. It’s a very useful reference!

As for your landscape, you’d need that Ubuntu server if you are considering hosting a dedicated server, to which clients are connecting. But if you simply want to have two players in the same game world, you can also have a host/client setup, which is what I’d recommend for you to start with.

For something as simple as you’re planning, your code would be more or less the same for both scenarios but building and deploying a dedicated server can be a bit overwhelming at first.

Good luck!

I agree on the other Udemy course as well. Since you are beginning, that is why I recommended a higher level one. I have done both courses.

Also, do NOT underestimate the power of Blueprints. I am a programmer by trade and I have a tendency to look down on “visual” programming. I have many blueprints that are children of my C++ classes. Being able to change settings on a blueprint and then run again quickly is not to be discounted.

Ah, absolutely!
+1 on that.

I tried not to sidetrack to BP/C++ but I agree on that synergy. It’s more or less the same here: a bunch of core stuff in C++, exposing designer-friendly events/delegates to be implemented on the BP side. It’s a very powerful setup.

It’s even something covered in that Tom Looman’s Udemy course (and even in his blog).

i am making a online game too,very hounr to communication whitr you .