C++ Management Landscape

I’m wanna make a procedural landscape generation in my project - the main problem (for now),
that i’m not understand how to manipulate vertices of landscape?!
How to move/set them up/down?!
Where are this data stored?

Landscape isn’t designed to be manipulated in realtime, they’re supposed to be static. If you want to do dynamic terrain, you’d be better off creating your own system.

I just wanna make the pre-generation with a static size (in level loading), after that level will be started. In this case can I make it on UE4 or still NOT?!
If second, than what do you recommend to do, except changing engine?! I have read something about a mesh visualization as a landscape… or something like this… I hope you understood what I mean…
…Is it possible to generate ‘landscape’ (or something which looks like this) in UE4?!

Oo - I finally found how is correctly called - “terrain generation”. My apologies for misinforming you…

You can do Procedural Mesh Generation if that’s close to what you’re looking for?

I’m trying make a terrain generation… and the problem that I don’t know how to do that in unreal(
May you recommend me something to read or…, I don’t know, something which can help to solve a problem…

That’s all I can suggest to be honest!