C++ Finite state machine

Hey guys,

I was wondering if the good old state programming system from UnrealScript still exists in UE4 or should i implement mine from scratch, if anybody knows the class to inherit from or something, i would be very grateful.

Another thing is, if iโ€™m adding new classes to a project(cpps and headers) do i have to recompile the whole engine again?

Thanks in advance!

Hereโ€™s my wiki on how to set VS up so you only compile your project and not the entire engine :slight_smile:


PS: no you have to implement the concept of states in your own way now.

States do not exist any more as a language feature in UE4. You will need to implement them yourself using an enum/names etc.

You should only have to compile your project when you modify it. That is a big reason to keep things modular!