C++ Code Examples

Hey guys,
I am completely new to Unreal Engine 4. I have a very little knowledge of UDK and UnrealScript (which i didnt find easy). Though i have programming experience in C++ and would love to start with that. So if you guys can tell me some source to get me started in C++ or maybe a few code examples that would be great.

Google Is your friend :wink:
The best place to find UE4 tutorials is on the documentation and wiki:

Any UE4 questions you should ask on here or the AnswerHub.

Here’s a couple of links to get you started on C++:

Also if you have any questions regarding C++ then the Stack Overflow website is the best, literally if you have a question put it in Google and it will redirect you to a Stack Overflow topic:

And on a final note, you should probably look into getting a good book if you are serious and some Math wouldn’t help either :wink:

Thanks for the resources! :slight_smile: Though i didnt get what you meant by “Math wouldnt help either”.

I’m guessing he meant to type hurt instead of help? If he did, then he’s right, getting a handle on vector maths, trigonometry, and a whole host of other stuff can be really useful. That being said, it’s probably not vital to game programming, since you can usually just google the stuff you need.

Also checkout They have a C++ video beginners course that is many hours and well explained. A one month subscription should be all you need to get the courses done and get comfortable with the language.

Sorry, yeah I meant go brush up on your Math skills for games programming you are going to need to a fair bit at the very basic you should brush up on trigonometry, alegebra, vectors and matrices.