C++ and Blueprint to Art Pipeline

Alright, I hope this is the right spot for this - It seems like it may be more of a networking question possibly,
but here goes…

Let’s say a coding pal and an art pal of mine get together. We want to start prototyping and testing mechanics. I do not have Visual studio, nor can I code very proficiently outside of visual scripting - but my artist pal and I can provide the artwork between the two of us and have a specific object in mind which we relay to the coder - who happens to be the only one with visual studio (naturally). Is it still possible for me to use the custom code that the coder or coders produce on MY machine while I implement the art and blueprints - even if I don’t have visual studio? How we we go about beginning a project together in such a situation?

Yes it’s possible (of course :wink: ). Basically, when the programmer is done with his C++ class, or modification, he will compile the project and this will result in the update of your project .dll file. This file is by default located there :


The Win64 part is your target platform, it could be Win32, Mac, PS4, etc.

The base game dll for the editor will be called UE4Editor-YourGame.dll. Basically, this is what you need to share with the whole team.

Hope this helps!


Oh! lovely! Thank you for the fast response! Now, I don’t like clogging up Answerhub, so I want to make sure I perfectly understand the process…So would it make sense for the coder to start a project on his side, compile it when finished and then, say, send me over the .dll, then I load it up and start building the level and filling it with the art? I forgot to mention that the coders and art team would all be separated by many miles. What if there are multiple coders, handling different aspects? What networking solution would you propose for a situation like this?

There is a number of Source Control solution that you can use. SVN, Perforce, GitHub. Unreal as Source Control plugins for both SVN and Perforce, I prefer Perforce but SVN is free.

Source control is the regular way to develop in team, look it up!

Alright, i’m going to read into to it much further. Thank you!

Would this be a decent starting point?

Yes, this seems like a good tutorial on how to setup SVN with Unreal 4. Don’t forget to accept the answer! :slight_smile: