Buy a mac to compil

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Thirst, sorry to my English.

I need to buil my app on ios, and to do that, i need a mac.

Can you tell me what type of mac do i buy ? Mac book pro, mac book air …

Thanks to the help

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I went with the cheapest current gen iMac that still had a 4k screen, then upgraded the processor to quad core and upgraded the memory to 16GB. Cost around $3300 NZD.

Don’t bother trying a macbook pro, you need decent 3D hardware to realistically run the editor and you WILL want to run the editor. It does a hell of a lot of the finicky mac-specific stuff for you. Plus, when all is said and done you can test and release your game on Mac as well, which an iMac will let you test. :slight_smile:

Ok i see.
And a Mac mini ? Mac mini - Apple (FR)

My app go to Iphone, so i no need a hard/epic spec to test :slight_smile:

Mac Mini is fine, I am Windows for heavy lifting and Mac for remote compiling.

Oh yeah, Thanks.
I saw on the unreal page, this :
Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster

Can you tell me the spec of your mac mini ?

i7-8700B plus 32G of RAM - you can buy the 6 core option and expand the RAM by yourself

okay thanks

That s good ?

  • Intel Core i5 2 core 2,6 GHz (Turbo Boost to 3,1 GHz) - 8 Go ram SDRAM LPDDR3 1 600 MHz - Intel Iris Graphics

I got a 2018 i3 mini for package to ios. Works fine, can handle if need to modifiy something in the blueprints, but not for long working.
Mini get very hot after a short time when unreal run, im added some extra fan, and it was middle of winter.
And there is lot of interesting things when launch. Random error messages (fix when put the iphone into other usb slot), etc…

Im working on windows.

Mac book pro - yes

That sounds like an old used Mac Mini, please be aware that older Mac may not have support for the Metal graphics API, and will NOT run Unreal Engine Editor at all. My Mac Mini from 2011’s AMD GPU will NOT run Unreal Engine Editor. I can only remote compile on that machine.

I would suggest at least a quad-core CPU, with 16GB Ram, 8GB simply isn’t enough in the long run. The new Mac Mini is a good option ( the i3 model is very slow ), the base i5 model with 16GB Ram would work quiet well for compiling work, I am unsure about any extended editor work though. If you plan on working in the editor, the new 21.5" iMac $1499 model with the 16GB ram upgrade, with the 6 core i5 would do decently overall. The GPU in that configuration is VERY weak but faster than the Mac Mini, both in CPU and GPU performance.

Apple’s computers these days are all basically notebook parts in their entire lineup. They do this for heat and styling ( small light devices, thin shapes and designs ).

If it were my money and I wanted a turnkey solution, if you have a monitor to spare, I would buy a new Mac Mini i5 with 16GB RAM and just live with the Unreal Editor performance. If you want a complete experience, buy a new iMac with 4 to 6 cores and 16GB RAM. There are people out there who build Hackintosh setups, but that requires a bit of expertise and not for the faint of heart. You can save money, but you create a headache if something goes wrong.

Thanks you, i will buy a new mac mini :slight_smile:

Okay thanks, i will take maybe a mac mini i5 so

I am using VMWare and have a macOS 10.13 virtual machine running on it. So far it’s been behaving quite nicely, but it requires you to have a decent machine. What I am currently running is Ryzen 1500X, 16 GB DDR4 2666 MHz and RTX 2060. The graphics card is not as important as how much memory you’ve got and the number of processor cores/base frequency for the build times. I dedicate 8 GB of my memory to the virtual machine and 4 of the 8 threads of the processor, so basically the resources are split evenly between the VM and the Windows host. The VM introduces a huge overhead, so any compilation times, etc. are quite higher than running on an actual machine, but it does the job for a smaller project. I am actually going to write a full post here on the forums on how I’ve got it all set up, but for the time being consider it as an option before you go and invest a bunch of money into an old Mac just to be able to compile UE4 games on it. Maybe give it a go first and if it does not work for you go for the better option. :slight_smile:

Thanks, thought this option and that’s pretty hard to me, I’m going to buy a used Imac.

A mac mini it s good, ok. I’m going to buy a used Imac, and i saw used Imac 2011 with core i7. 2011 that’s a old mac, that’s good anyway ?

Hello, so is it needed a Mac in order to compile/export to IOS?
If so, instead of purchasing one, wouldn’t it be possible to just use a virtual machine?

Thanks :wink:

The quick and simple answer is yes and yes.

WOW! Life can be good :slight_smile: